pulse - Music, Audio, Radio WordPress Theme

pulse – Music, Audio, Radio WordPress Theme

Buy pulse – Music, Audio, Radio WordPress Theme best used for wordpress/entertainment/music-and-bands and audio,html5 player,music,player,radio,songs,tracks


Pulse is a WordPress theme for responsive music that allows you to manage radio and audio tracks, as well as sell audio files. The user can upload their tracks, playlists or add them to their favorites.


  • Ajax powered music site
  • Submitting front-end
  • Users created playlist
  • Woocommerce Music Store
  • Responsive layout
  • App and website layout
  • Styles in white and dark
  • Templates for 4 pages
  • One-click installation demo data
  • RTL
  • Play http://soundcloud.comStream
  • Play


change log

v.2.2.0 – 3/30/19
  • Improve Post widget
  • Enhance widgets for users
  • Enhance search results
  • Daily play disabled
  • Use block editor to disable the page theme
  • fix search js error
  • Similar issues can be fixed
  • Tracking fields for Woocommerce should be fixed
v.2.1.2 – 2/18/19
  • Add more ads
  • Improve play/like/download count display 1000->K 1000000->M
  • Fixed front-end upload error
  • Search notifications for fixes
v.2.1.0 – 15 Jan 19
  • Add an ad for the player
  • When adding an audio track, add
  • Get genre/description/artwork from
  • Set featured image from
  • If the download file is located on another domain, fix the download link
  • Fix youtube event
V.2.0.1 July 15, 2018,
v.2.0.0 – December 22, 2017
  • In the WordPress admin widget area, add title
  • Improve chart page order
  • Loading all tracks fixed on the user profile page
v.1.3.3 – 12/20/17
  • Playlist updated to mediaelementjs 4.6.2 for WordPress 4.9.1
  • Use spaces to fix usernames
v.1.3.2 – 12/18/17
  • Filter your search results with the Add Search button
  • To load additional plugins, add custom css/js to ajax
v.1.3.1 – 12/7/17
  • Alert
v.1.3.0 – 9/25/17
  • Add social links to your profile page
v.1.2.2 – 7/14/17
  • Upload your profile avatar to the backend
  • Close the menu box when you are moving to another page
  • Fix notification
v.1.2.1 – 5/16/17
  • Download the archive file
v.1.2.0 – 5/9/17
  • Use Siteorigin Page Building support
  • Load search results pages by adding ajax
v.1.1.2 – 5/1/17
  • Track: Add download button
  • Video URL added to frontend upload form
  • To search list, add user
  • Choose track and add it to your music/product
  • Add editable play/like/download
  • Additional autofill artist/duration fields in selecting streams from local media
  • App layout: Fix the title
  • Increase play count by clicking the play/pause button
v.1.1.1 – 4/25/17
  • Add follow button to user widget
  • Upload link fixed
  • Follow Fix users to get started
v.1.1.0 – 4.24.17
  • Followers and followers can be added to a user’s page
  • Add an overview to the user page
  • Add user widget
  • Add video page template
  • Add artist page template
  • Some issues can be fixed
v.1.0.3 – 3/15/17
  • Add play count to graph page
  • Make a weekly calendar template
  • Add wc-vendor support
  • Follow/Add
  • Track post type: Add artist tag
  • Some issues can be fixed
v.1.0.2 – March 3, 2017
  • Autoplay for default tracks added
  • Resolve Soundcloud playback problems
v.1.0.1 – February 20, 2017
  • Fix demo data import


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