Qreatix – Interactive portfolio WordPress theme

Qreatix – Interactive portfolio WordPress theme

Buy Qreatix – Interactive Portfolio WordPress Theme best used for wordpress/creative/portfolio and ajax,blog,corporate,creative,digital,elementor,events,minimal,multipurpose,personal,portfolio,retina-ready,shop,showcase,woocommerce


Qreatix – Interactive Portfolio WordPress Theme-1

Compatible with WordPress 5.8 & WooCommerce 5.7 GDPR ready

Qreatix – Interactive Portfolio WordPress Theme-2

Qreatix – Interactive Portfolio WordPress Theme-3

Qreatix – Interactive Portfolio WordPress Theme-4

Qreatix – Interactive Portfolio WordPress Theme-5

Qreatix – Interactive Portfolio WordPress Theme-6

Qreatix – Interactive Portfolio WordPress Theme-7

Qreatix – Interactive Portfolio WordPress Theme-8

Qreatix Interactive Portfolio WordPress Theme Version 1.6.7

Qreatix is a unique way to present your projects. Qreatix is ​​an interactive portfolio theme for every contemporary creative agency and all types of designer portfolios. There are many options for portfolio designs, homepages, hover effects, and other customisations. Qreatix can help you create an amazing design agency website. Qreatix is ​​a creative portfolio theme designed to give your project the look and feel that it really deserves!

Qreatix – Interactive Portfolio WordPress Theme-9
Qreatix – Interactive Portfolio WordPress Theme-10

No coding required

You can easily turn your ideas into reality with the intuitive visual editor. Your website can be created, edited, and customized visually. The changes are immediately visible. No coding required!

Save enormous amounts of money

Qreatix has taken great care to create jams that add value, including the most popular plugins. Revolution slider ($175), Advanced custom field PRO (49 USD) include.

Incredible one-click import template

Import the entire demo content to create your website and then set it up as one of our websites. Demo example One click. The quickest and easiest way to create a website is one click. It can import pages, posts and widgets as well as theme options.

Tracking in real-time

The language direction is not restricted. Qreatix supports RTL Language to optimize your website.

Dark mode

Qreatix supports fans with dark backgrounds. One click can transform your website to a dark theme. Because everything is automated, you don’t have to change font colors.


This is something we know you value and it is true for us. Qreatix is ​​100% compliant with GDPR.


Translations are easy. Qreatix supports all translation plugins, such as WPML and qTranslate, Loco, Polylang, and Loco.

More than 20 widgets with custom elements

More than 20 widgets can be used and more than 400 controls are available to achieve the look that you desire in any position, style or combination.

Live preview allows you to customize your order instantly

Elementor page builders and customizers allow you to set up all your theme options. To see the changes, forget about the outdated settings page. Refresh the page manually.

Next-generation store

WooCommerce. Qreatix offers all the tools necessary to begin selling online. WooCommerce is the best way to make your customers feel.

Image optimization that adapts to image size

Your image adapts to any screen automatically. automatically.

Retina Ready

Your website will look amazing on Retina screens thanks to its vector-scalable elements, Retina-ready graphics and typography.

Numeroved pagination, load more, and unlimited load

Your users will be more likely to visit your site if you offer unlimited loading and loads of buttons. They can browse your archives and not refresh the page.

Parallax scrolling

Qreatix has a native parallax module that allows you to create a background with parallax on any page. This will make your website stand out and look professional.

Be prepared for children’s themes

You can update your security settings and your changes won’t be affected.

Auto update

Your site is kept up-to-date by the intelligent Qreatix dashboard. Unlimited access.

User support

You can get future themes updates at no extra cost every time you buy a Qreatix template. You will also receive six months of free user support. However, you have the option to extend this period if desired.

WordPress coding standards can be used to code

WordPress coding standards allow developers to maintain a consistent style. This makes code easy and clear. This will be our guideline when creating code for the WordPress theme.

Extra features

  • There are more than 20 types of homepages
  • Dark mode
  • Advanced RTL
  • Animations using WebGL
  • WooCommerce compatible
  • Gift card
  • Track your order page
  • Custom Woo Gallery
  • WOOF filter
  • Banners available
  • AJAX search
  • AJAX reviews
  • AJAX loads more
  • AJAX shopping cart
  • Mix icon
  • Font Awesome Icons
  • Retina Ready
  • Contact form 7 compatible
  • Fully responsive
  • Include children’s themes
  • Video portfolio item type
  • Gallery portfolio item type
  • Gif portfolio project type
  • 3 Blog layout
  • 7 Post format
  • Similar post function
  • Share post function
  • Sticky content
  • Native element parallax
  • Marquee content
  • Parroller image
  • WPML
  • Translation ready
  • Customizable super menu
  • 350+ themes
  • Fonts by Google
  • Adobe fonts
  • Font customization
  • Verification by W3C
  • SEO optimization
  • Online documentation
  • More!

Login to update the theme

Qreatix will continue to update with new features as well as bug fixes and adjustments. For each topic update, we recommend you to read the change log (release note).

watch. 1.6.7 (23.11.2021)

- Updated: Shopping Cart
- Updated:.pot Translation Files;
- Corrected: Incorrect cart totals    

watch. 1.6.4 (10.11.2021)

    - Updated : ACF plugin;
Slider Revolution plugin has been updated
    - Fixed : incorrect post author url;

watch. 1.6.3 (12.10.2021)

- Updated: Theme Dashboard Styles
- Improved: Theme Dashboard | Server Info;

watch. 1.6.2 (06.10.2021)

- Updated: Events Calendar templates
- Improved: activation checker

watch. 1.6.1 (05.10.2021)

- New: Server-info tab
WooCommerce templates - Updated
- Improved Asset Optimization;

watch. 1.6 (01.10.2021)

- New: admin theme dashboard | server info panel;
 activation Checker| activation checker;
- New: A new "total jaxify" setting
- The empty search results page is now available
- NEW : Selectable color settings
- Recent Posts by Author;
- Latest : Recent projects by author
- Footer Simple Style -
Newsletter Success message
- Updated – Events Calendar templates
- LQIP updated for page templates
- Improved: Authorization modal styles
- Improved: authorization mod handler
- New: Events Calendar styles
- Mobile image sizes improved
- Improved – empty wishlist state
- Improved: empty cart state
    - Improved : footer parts;
- New : Navigation parts
- Improved Portfolio/Posts Grids Handler
- Improved: admin theme dashboard | styles;
 activation handler| activation handler;
    - Fixed : visual gallery z-index bug;

watch. 1.5.5 (29.09.2021)

- Fixed: incorrect activation API route

watch. 1.5.4 (26.09.2021)

- Fixed : bugs in theme activation

watch. 1.5.3 (09.25.2021)

- Revslider plugin updated;
    - Improved : blog recent posts;

watch. 1.5.2 (23.09.2021)

- Fixed: The ajax comments bug
- Fixed: Ajax comments load more bug

watch. 1.5.1 (22.09.2021)

    - New : server-side activation checker;
WooCommerce templates - Updated
- Improved: jsLibraries Connecting;
- Improved cart page
- Redesigned checkout page
    - Fixed : portfolio grid bugs;

watch. 1.5 (21.09.2021)

Revolution Slider plugin available for $175
Gallery Slider - New!
Rotated Links
- Visual Gallery - A New Version
    - New : Reveal Links;
    - New : optimization/security options;
TI Wishlist Templates - Updated
WooCommerce templates - Updated
    - Improved : code quality;
- Improved: Shopping cart handler

watch. 1.4.4 (18.09.2021)

- The new page header type image;
- Improved custom fonts handler
- Improved: plyr.js Connection
- Fixed: Bug with shop banner (image type);
- Fixed: Bug with the product page top-margin

watch. 1.4.3 (16.09.20211)

    - New : navigation menu custom icons list;
Navigation menu settings - New
- Fixed - Double-connection swiper slider via Elementor

watch. 1.4.2 (15.09.2021)

- General Optimization: Improved
- Improved js-libraries link;
- Improved css library connection
- Improved: lqip handler
- Fixed: accordions widget bugs

watch. 1.4.1 (13.09.2021)

    - Fixed : mobile navigation margin-top;

watch. 1.4.0 (11.09.2021)

- Recent Projects - Cursor Pointer
- WooCommerce alerts now available:
TI Wishlist Templates - Updated
    - Improved : single portfolio styles/scripts;
- Improved - Single post styles/scripts
- Improved comments styles/scripts
    - Improved : error page styles;
- New: Improved catalog styles for categories;
- Fixed: portfolio-columns are incorrectly sized
    - Fixed : titles-slider hidden items;
    - Fixed : letters-showcase hidden items;
- Fixed - Interactive-showcase slow animated
    - Fixed : blog grid bugs;
    - Fixed : blog grid load-more bugs;
    - Fixed : portfolio grid bugs;
    - Fixed : portfolio grid load-more bugs;
    - Fixed : incorrect product stock messages;
- Fixed: Incorrect Products Grid Margin;
    - Fixed : extra large WOOF filter titles;
Fixed : Infinite-load More Non-working Products
- Fixed: Non-working update cart button
Fixed: Inputs of non-working quantities;
- Fixed: 4-columns product layout shift
- Fixed – 5-columns product layout shift

watch. 1.3.2 (09.09.2021)

- The new homepage templates are now editable with elementor
- NEW : Homepage templates filter settings (by tags/categories);
    - Improved : blog optimization;
- Homepage templates updated;
    - Fixed : demo-import incorrect urls;

watch. 1.3.1 (08.09.2021)

- Elementor improved page templates editing
    - Fixed : customizer demo import;

watch. 1.3.0 (05.09.2021)

Search functionality has been improved
- Contact Form: Improved
- Improved: PHP8 compatibility
- Improved: Marquee widget
Search functionality has been improved
WooCommerce templates - Updated
TI Wishlist Templates - Updated
- Fixes: AJAX addto cart issues

watch. 1.2.0 (03.09.2021)

- The new two-side product style is now available
    - New : two-side video product gallery;
- NEW - Individual post settings
- New: Typography settings for small devices
- Updated: jslibraries
- Last updated: csslibraries
    - Fixed : not-working customizer settings;

watch. 1.1.3 (01.09.2021)

- Updated - demo-import.xml file
    - Fixed : WooCommerce demo-import error;

watch. 1.1.2 (08.31.2021)

- Recent Posts: Minimum;
- Improved: Js Code Refactoring
- Corrected: Incorrect Translation Strings

watch. 1.1.1 (08.30.2021)

- Refactoring of assets;
- Fixed: WooCommerce compatibility issues

watch. 1.1.0 (08.29.2021)

- Recent Projects - Cursor Pointer
    - New : product video gallery;
    - New : products catalogue page;
Contact 02 page to learn more.
Contact 03 page to learn more.
- Discover a Store Page;
- Make a Refund Page
WooCommerce templates - Updated
    - Updated : version labels;
WebL Shaders Connecting;
- Improved: PHP code refactoring
    - Fixed : incorrect “Next Project” background image;
    - Fixed : not-linked project titles (portfolio grid);
- Fixed: Not linked project thumbnails (recent Projects);
- Fixed - Project Gallery Items Duplicating
- Corrected: incorrect comments section height

watch. 1.0.2 (27.08.2021)

- Fixed: invalid domains with text
- Updated:.pot translation files

watch. 1.0.1 (08.26.2021)

Fixed: Link to demo import files
- Fixed - Link to core plugin
   - Fixed : auto-update links;
- Removed: Alert-messages to reviewers

watch. 1.0.0 (08.25.2021)

- Initial Theme


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