Rekord - Ajaxify Music - Events - Podcasts Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Rekord – Ajaxify Music – Events – Podcasts Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Buy Rekord – Ajaxify Music – Events – Podcasts Multipurpose WordPress Theme best used for wordpress/entertainment/music-and-bands and ajax player,audio,band,club,event,itunes,music,radio,responsive,shoutcast,streaming,waves


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Rekord Ajaxify Music Events Podcasts Multipurpose WordPress

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Rekord - Ajaxify Music - Events - Podcasting Multipurpose WordPress Theme - 1

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Rekord WordPress theme is Bootstrap-based. It is ideal for event organizers and singer-band members. This theme is modern and flat with multiple skins. This theme has been completely Ajaxify. It will still play no matter what page you are on. You might enjoy these features:

  • Ajaxify player
  • WaveSurfer powers Playlist
  • Bootloader 4
  • Production and development versions
  • Pre-made widgets
  • multiple skins
  • RTL Support
  • Changes in the player’s position
  • Fully responsive
  • You can find out more

    You can customize

    You can customize Rekord to meet your individual needs. You can edit any post type from your admin panel.

    Save the file

    The demo contains code examples and variants that explain almost all components. For installation instructions, please refer to the documentation folder.

    Files included


    Note:- User Dashboard:
    The user dashboard is still being improved. We may not be able to provide a stable version of the user dashboard for some time.

    For third-party plugins, you will need to include js callbacks. Ajax may be disabled if 3rd-party plugins stop working.

    Report issues on Github

/--version 1.5.2 (02-June-2021)---------------------/
Problem Fixed: Top Menu responsive sublinks
New Added: Options to disable search & playlist
Updated: Minor css & colors issues

/--version 1.5.1 (14-Feb-2021)---------------------/
Problem Fixed: Conflict in JS fetch algorithm
Problem Fixed: Allow uploads
Updated: Demo data post content

/--version 1.5.0 (10-January-2021)---------------------/
Bug fixed: Issue with template layouts width
Updated Artist Details Page with Tabs
Updated: Avatars in Artist Grid now bigger
CSS problems fixed

/--version 1.4.9 (07-January-2021)---------------------/
Fix: Bug fixed: Follow paly after streaming radio
CSS problems fixed

/--version 1.4.7 (24-November-2020)---------------------/
Track Download: Bug fixed
Woocommerce Updated
CSS problems fixed

/--version 1.4.6 (1-October-2020)---------------------/
Facebook Share Fixed
Bug Fix: An external link was added to the top menu
Rekord App Recommend Plugin (An Rekord mobile API plugin) - Newly Added
New: Login Jwt Recommend plugin

/--version 1.4.4 (29-August-2020)---------------------/
Mobile Menu bug fixed
Sidebar Menu Full width option for desktop screens
New: Support for MP4 videos in the player. Videos will not be visible on mobiles.
Sidebar menu width and CSS changes made 

/--version 1.4.3---------------------/
Bug fixed: All tracks shown on the album page
Problem fixed: The Woocommerce Cart Update button is not functioning
Bug Fix: Menu Icon Grey Background Color on IOS
Snackbar Duration Option - Newly Added

/--version 1.4.2---------------------/
Bug Fixed: Missing skin options
New Added: Home podcaster
Radio at home: New addition
A new feature: Solo at Home
Redesigned: The Home Classic

/--version 1.4.1---------------------/
Main.js now has better templating for the player
A new option: You can customize your skin colors
New Added: Radio title, artist & cover auto-update
New: Add support elementor-free and pro-addons to ajax
A new widget, the Elementor Play button  
Bug Fixed: Multiple Radios Streaming conflict
Problem Fixed: Social Media Icons Missing
Bug fixed: Additional large screen size issue with templates
Bug fixed: Elementor widgets size issues on large monitors

/--version 1.3.8---------------------/
Updated: Paths to Plugins (Custom plugin moved from Github).
New: Artists can now create albums from the Frontend Dashboard 
Frontend Dashboard My Albums Page (beta) - New Added
New: Frontend dashboard Profile Edit page (beta).
Frontend Artist Public Profile (beta).
The player bar now has the track title and artist
New Added: *Paid membership pro plugin integration (beta)
New Added: *Paid membership pro restive track on user membership level (beta)
Recent Added: Albums, Events and Podcasts now have post per page options. Gallery, Videos, Video, etc.
Problem fixed: Woocommerce buttons
Bug Fix: On a single page, dark sink problems are fixed
Bug fixed: Search suggestion does not display on mobile

/--version 1.3.7---------------------/
A Top Menu Bar is a New Addition
Safari Page Loading Fixed
Live Stream Issue in Safari Fixed
Problem fixed: Theme Skin
Bug Fix: Minor layout issues.

/--version 1.3.6---------------------/
Bug fixed: Podcast Custom Fields are missing
Bug fixed: Next track Console error during streaming

/--version 1.3.5---------------------/
Fixed a bug in player

/--version 1.3.4---------------------/
Rekord Essential Plugin Version 1.3.4 Update
Rekord Slider PHP Warnings Fixed

/--version 1.3.3---------------------/
NEW: Post Carousel Widget Disables Author Info
Rekord Slider Style Options Now Available
Last Updated: Language file
Last Updated: Responsive Track Activities
Last update: Track Download Buttons
Recent Update: CSS Minor Issues

/--version 1.3.2---------------------/
Updated: The Rekord Essential Plug-in
RTL Menu CSS Updated

/--version 1.3.0---------------------/
Last Update: Rekord Essential plugin
Updated: CSS minor fixes
A Frontend Login form has been added
New: User can upload tracks to the frontend
Updated: Template for User Dashboard
Addition: Track Notification
Frontend Customizer option added

/--version 1.2.0---------------------/
Bug Fixed: Rekord Essential Plugin Update
Bug fixed: Post Carousel Categories
Issue Fixed: Double Click to Play the Track
Bug Fix: Plugin Update Issue
Updated Artist Single Page
Last Updated: Single Page
Updated: CSS minor fixes
New addition: Playing track in player
New: Visitors skin selector (beta).

/--version 1.1.0---------------------/

Addition: Volume control
Ajax now available to enable or disable
Ajax Callbacks - New addition
A new addition: Support for Radio Streams
Podcasts at Home: New Features
Updated: New Podcast Template
A new addition: Widgets for Podcast Element Widgets
The Favourites count are now available
Revised: Lighter skin
Bug Fix: Events Permalink
Tracking Search fixes bug
Bug fixed: CSS issue minor



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