Renovation | Architecture and Construction WordPress Theme

Renovation | Architecture and Construction WordPress Theme

Buy Remould | Construction & Building WordPress Theme best used for wordpress/corporate/business and architecture,boxed,building,business,clean,company,construction,corporate,interior,marketing,mega menu,seo,white


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Remould WordPress Theme-Introduction
Reinventing WordPress Theme-Best Features
Remould WordPress theme-including Visual Composer and Revolution Slider
Remould WordPress Theme-One-click demonstration of content settings and other functions
Reinventing WordPress Theme-Headline Style
Remould WordPress Theme-supported by the development team
Remould WordPress Theme-Features
Reinventing the WordPress theme-5 star rating and well documented

Modification characteristics

  • One-click demo content import
  • W3C verification code output
  • Favicon support iPhone, iPod, Android and Google TV
  • Drag-and-drop page builder (including Visual Composer plug-in)
  • Ten heading styles
  • More than 20 Favicon options are available for all devices – IPhone bookmarks, iPad bookmarks, Windows 8 tile bookmark settings
  • Support WooCommerce
  • Support bbPress
  • You can choose from a variety of skin tones using the color picker
  • You can download more than 15 page loader animated (GIF). You can also upload your animation.
  • Four ready-to-use templates for Visual Composer
  • 9 stunning page transaction effects using HTML5 CSS3
  • Options for 3 page scrolling
  • 10 Post formats
  • There are more than 100 options for theme customization
  • Search engine friendly
  • Unlimitless layout options
  • Revolution slider
  • WPML is available. Translation is available. Files for PO and MO are also available.
  • Event partially completed Event calendar insert. Install it, and you’ll be able to manage your events.
  • Super menu supportVia the “Max Mega Menu” plugin
  • Google Fonts: More than 600 Google Fonts for body text and logos, menus, menus sub-menus H1, H2, H3, or H4, H5, as well as widget titles H6, H5, H6.
  • Use the color selector to set unlimited background colors for your header, footer and top bar.
  • More than 100 different theme options
  • Sidebar Manager-The sidebar that can be used to link left, right or full-width posts and pages! (Globally, or page/post-specific) Infinite sidebarAlso.
  • Create custom widget
    Contact widget for ThemeMount
    Widget ThemeMount Flickr
    Widget for ThemeMount most recent posts
  • Google Analytics: Google Analytics can be easily added through the theme settings
  • Custom CSS and custom JS codes
  • Integrated social links can be disabled for titles
  • Your logo-image text can be used
  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • Constructed using HTML5 and CSS3
  • Simple, clean and modern style
  • View-classic custom blog boxed
  • Contact us page using the “Contact Form 7” plugin. (Endless possibilities)
  • Well documented

Change log

v12.4: 5th Oct 2021
- Revolution Slider plugin updated from v6.5.8
- Small bugs fixed.

v12.3: 15th July 2021
Updated Revolution Slider plugin to version 6.5.4
- WPBakery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer plugin) updated to v6.7.0
- WordPress 5.7.x enhanced support
- The Pagination bug has been solved.
- We have found a few design and coding issues that can be fixed.

v12.2: February 20, 2021
- Revolution Slider plugin update to v6.3.8
- WPBakery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer plugin) updated to v6.5.0
- WordPress 5.6.x enhanced support
- Small bugs fixed.

v12.1: 9 October 2020
Updated Revolution Slider plugin to version 6.2.23
- WPBakery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer plugin) updated to v6.4.1
- WordPress 5.5 Support Enhanced
- Small bugs fixed.

v12.0 - 12th July 2020
- Revolution Slider plugin updated to v6.2.15
- WPBakery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer plugin) updated to v6.2
- PHP 7.4.x support added
- Small bugs fixed.

v11.0 - 9th January 2020
- Visual Composer plugin v6.1 updated
- Revolution Slider plugin update to v6.1.5
- Solved some design problems

v10.1 - 5 October 2019
- Visual Composer plugin update to v6.0.5
Updated Revolution Slider plugin to version 6.1.3
- Some WooCommerce fixes.
- You can make small or big changes.

v10.0 : 20th Jun 2019
Visual Composer plugin has been updated to v6.0.3
- Revolution Slider plugin updated from v5.4.8.3
- You can make small or big changes.

v9.1: 8 May 2019,
- WooCommerce bugs fixed

v9.0 - 7th May 2019,
- Visual Composer plugin v5.7 updated
- Revolution Slider plugin updated from v5.4.8.2
WooCommerce 3.6.x support was added
- You can make small or big changes.

v7.0 Released: 15th March 2018
Visual Composer plugin v5.4.7 updated (added support to PHP 7.2.x).
- Revolution Slider plugin updated to v5.4.7.1
- WooCommerce 3.3.x support upgraded
- Increased portfolio details lines from 5-10 Now you can add more line to your portfolios than just five.
- Solved some small programming and design problems

v6.2 : 25th Nov 2017
Visual Composer plugin update to v5.4.5. This is due to a linking bug in the plugin.

v6.1 : 18th Nov 2017
- Visual Composer plugin update to v5.4.4. WordPress v4.8 compatibility issue with older versions of VC plugin

v6.0 : 2nd Nov. 2017
- Visual Composer plugin updated to the latest version v5.3.1
- Revolution Slider plugin updated to v5.4.6.1
WooCommerce support added to version 3.2.x
- A few design-related bugs were fixed.
Frontend editor bug fixed
- Small PHP error fixed
- Some W3C-related bugs were solved.
Portfolio Box dropdown "Show portfolio" is now 50 percent larger than 24.

v5.3 : 28th Mar. 2017
The Max Mega menu override option did not work properly. This problem has been solved. Now you can enable/disable Max Mega Menu Css Override from our theme.
   - Some CSS design bug solved.

v5.2 : 8th Mar. 2017
- Revolution Slider plugin updated to v5.4.1
   - Visual Composer plugin file corrected.

v5.1 : 7th Mar. 2017
- Visual Composer plugin updated to v5.0.1
- Revolution Slider plugin updated to v5.3.1.5
- Option to disable our custom CSS style which overrides the "Max Mega Menu" styles. All options now work directly from the "Max Mega Menu" theme. You need to select NO in "Admin > Appearance > Theme Options > Menu Settings > Override Max Mega Menu Style" option.
   - Some design bugs solved.

v5.0 : 8th Nov. 2016
   - Single Portfolio slider caption set.
Updated the Redux framework library. Theme Options now loads fast.
- ThemeMount portfolio box: This will allow you to remove any category and select the category. It will not give errors or create a blank link for sortable categories.
- Option to display full image or shrink image on Single portoflio Page. This gallery is only. The option is available under "Theme Options > Portfolio Settings" section.
- The gallery can now display image captions on single portoflio page. This gallery is only. The option is available under "Theme Options > Portfolio Settings" section.
   - WPML support improved.

v4.2 : 12th Sep. 2016
   - Some small design bugs solved.

v4.1 : 12th Sep. 2016
- Visual Composer plugin update to v4.12.1
   - Feature: User will now be able to set Sidebar on Portfolio Single page from "Theme Options > Sidebar Settings" tab.
- Feature : Blog post in audio format now supports MP3 player for M3 files. Now you can paste the URL of your MP3 file directly into the box. The MP3 player will then appear.

v4.0 : 14th Jul. 2016
- Visual Composer plugin updated to v4.12
- Revolution Slider plugin updated from v5.2.6
WooCommerce 2.6.2 support was added
Bug fixed. Custom sidebar on the page being reset.
Portfolio likes to reset now that it is using Theme Options
Visual Composer Gallery lightbox issue solved
Design enhancement and design bugs solved
- WooCommerce has increased the number of products on each page through Theme Options. It used to be 30 products per page, but now it is 60.
WooCommerce Single-product Sidebar Issue Solved

v3.7 : 22nd Apr. 2016
- Envato Market plugin was added and Envato WordPress Toolskit plugin was removed. This plugin is now deprecated.
Visual Composer plugin updates to v4.11.2.1 WordPress 4.5 compatibility.
Revolution Slider plugin update at v5.2.5 to WordPress 4.5 compatibility.
Blog box All option added to allow you to show all posts via the blog box. This number has been increased to 30, from the previous maximum of 24 posts.
One Page View of the Theme: Resolved a Layout Problem

v3.6 : 13th Apr. 2016
Visual Composer plugin updates to v4.11.1 for WordPress. 4.5 compatibility.
Revolution Slider plugin updated to v5.2.4.1 WordPress compatibility.
Sidebar bug fixed when the events calendar plugin was not installed.
- Layout related bug fixed. (blog category/tagpage 2,3,4 colview layout problem solved
WooCommerce button bug fixed The "Read More" button didn't appear to be working properly. The button was also not clickable.
- File Include in PHP Code Now.
Fixed bug in titlebar option It didn't work for all BLOG pages.
- Design related problems solved.

v3.5 : 19th Mar. 2016
Added "Behance", social service link
Solution to the Back to Top link bug
   - Some small design bugs solved.

v3.4 : 23rd Feb. 2016
WooCommerce v2.5.2 support was added
Updated Revolution Slider plugin version 5.1.6
- Shortcode [skincolor]Now working. Some bugs have been fixed.
- Visual Composer plugin update now possible via the TGMPA Tool
Sidebar bug fixed It didn't work for certain sections previously.
Topbar bug fixed for background-color, text-color, and other options
   - Shortcode bug solved - [tm-icon]And [tm-icontext]It is now perfect.

v3.3 : 25th Jan. 2016
WooCommerce v2.5.0 now supports a new version
- If there is no slider or titlebar, this bug has been fixed in all RTL headers.
Language files updated and some new text added.

v3.2 : 26th Dec. 2015
Visual Composer plugin version v4.9.1 has been updated. This release contains bug fixes.
- Bug fixed: There are errors when Visual Composer is older than v4.9.

v3.1 : 22th Dec. 2015
- Bug fixed: Titlebar error when Events Calendar plugin was not installed.

v3.0 : 19th Dec. 2015
Revolution Slider plugin updated version v5.1.5
Visual Composer plugin version v4.9 updated
- Now, the image of the group settings will show up on the Team Group Page
Language files are updated
- Solved some responsive problems
WooCommerce - Out of stock product now displays "Out Of Stock" message

v2.7 : 30th Nov. 2015
The background is now equal in height and will display the image on mobile devices. It was hiding before.
- The menu custom breakpoint bug has been solved. So it now works.
- The Portfolio Category and Team category page menus have been enhanced. It now shows sub-menus in the structure.
- Solved some minor bugs

v2.6 : 4th Nov. 2015
After clicking any link, the one-page-site menu was corrected. Clicking any link left some padding (page position problem).
When you update your theme, a MIN version is generated automatically. You don't have to re-create the theme (via one button) if it is left.

v2.5 : 3rd Nov. 2015
You can now write text under the Twitter icon such as "Follow Us" to help users understand the purpose of the icon link.
- Added option for hiding the GENERATOR tag from websites. Added option under "Theme Options > Advanced Settings" tab.
   - Updated demo data content.
- Solved some minor bugs

v2.4 : 23rd Oct. 2015
- Solved Parallax bug
- Portfolio Single category view design bug fixed. It's now working flawlessly.
Redux Framework updated and "Redux Vendor Support” added. This will allow it to work without internet (e.g., on localhost or intranet).
- When comment is removed from the post box, total number will be hidden.
- Solved small bugs

v2.3 : 6th Oct. 2015
- Timeline view updated and two new options added. First, you can show featured content in the box (image, slideshow, audio, etc). The second option is to use Timeline's default box to show blogbox.
- View new search results. The search results now have sections (technically custom post types) so users can find what they are looking for.
- Solved some minor bugs

v2.2 : 5th Oct. 2015
   - [UPDATE]Visual Composer Update (to version 4.7.3). This security update should be installed.

v2.1 - 24 September 2015
Solved Flex Slider bug preventing image gallery from Gallery Post and Gallery Portfolio

v2.0 Released 23 September 2015.
- Added German and Portuguese language translations in our theme. Now add admin section text and fixed text in frontend in these languages.
Added timeline view to Blog box. It can be enabled by adding the "ThemeMount Blogbox” element via Visual Composer, and selecting Timeline view from "Box View" dropdown.
- Add "Header Type", aligned name to the name. Now you will be able to easily understand the "Header Type" (admin only).
- Visual Composer plugin updated to the latest version v4.7.2
Correction to Service Box bug. If you add Button, it will add an extra tab.

v1.1, 7 September 2015
- Revolution Slider plugin update to the most recent version v5.0.7
Visual Composer plugin update to version v4.7
   - Updated demo content. We have added additional pages and elements.
- Small design problems in Service Box and other areas solved.

v1.0 - 27 August 2015
- Initial release


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