Renroll-scooter and bicycle rental theme

Renroll-scooter and bicycle rental theme

Buy Renroll – Scooter & Bike Rentals Theme best used for wordpress/corporate/business and bicycle,bicycle rental,booking,city rental,rent,rental,rental bike,scooter,scooter rental


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No matter which type of two-wheeled vehicle you choose The vehicle you are rentingLow-cost options, such as. From scooters and bicycles to high-end motorcycles, Re-register WordPress themeYou should be able to assist you in coming up with a Rental website for professionalsThis will attract your audience.

Thank you so much Modern and crystal clearYour visitors will find everything they need on the homepage. The homepage design makes it easy for your customers to find everything they need on one page. Car rental reservationIt’s simple as pie. You can pay for all services on the website in any manner you like. The most popular payment methods. You can create Flexible price Our interface is simple to use Price subject to conditions.

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Google Search Rankings Ready-Theme HTTPS

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main feature:

Element page builder
Revolution slider
One-click demo
Booking options
Multilingual and translation-ready

Reservation function

Book your calendar
Price per custom period
Long-term price
Optional price
Designer of custom fields
Additional options available
Optional inclusions


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Dollar Photography Club
Wallpaper network

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What is the limit on how many websites can you create with a standard license?

A site can only have one license. A new license is required if you need more.

Do I only need to pay once

Yes, one payment is required.

Can I use this theme within my language?

This theme can be translated easily into your language, but it is simple and time-consuming.

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- Version: 5.9 -

1. Fixed an issue with the Elementor database upgrader 
2. Some minor bugs have been fixed

- Version: 5.8 -
Compatibility with the MetaBox plugin.

- Version: 5.6 -
1. To condition, added fields "From Date" and "To Date"
2. Additional option: Minimum booking days (conditional)
3. Add fields "Days(to)" to condition for setting the maximum number of selected dates that will be included in condition
4. Fixed problem with "Price upon request" form on product page.

- Version: 5.4 -
1. Elementor 3.2.1 Widgets
2. Hotspot widget fixed.

- Version: 5.3 -
1. Optional pickup and drop-off times
2. Revslider has been updated
3. Some minor bugs were fixed.

- Version: 5.1 -
1. Fixed: Click the Logout button
2. Additional: Optional night/day price
3. Additional: Add rental price row to the booking form

- Version: 5.0 -
- Removed row titled "Time_booking" from the order details
- Set header height in customizer
- You can now disable redirection to the shopping basket or checkout after you have booked
When you book, the Quantity field shows the quantity of the items and not the number of days.
- You can adjust the number of items you have booked by using the "Unlimited Book" mode.
- You can regroup settings in the customizer
- Styled login page
- Available weekday pickup and drop off options.
Revslider update
- Added a text field to display the price instead of the price in catalog grid.
- Add cleaning days to the calendar for admins.
Conditions: Add Location field
- Additional conditional price for additional options
WPML Multilingual Sites: Fixed Issues 

- Version: 4.2 -
- Use this integral field to choose a date range
- Social Links added to target blank
Display the number selected days/nights in your product card
WPML issues (main and child themes) have been resolved
Fixed bug in booking identical items simultaneously. Unlimited bookings now available
Fixed Contact Form 7 styles

- Version: 4.1 -
Filters bug fixed
- Additional SEO information on the category page or catalog page
Added an option to alter the font size of the page title
- accelerated the theme's work
RevSlider update
Lazy load has been replaced by browser loading = "lazy" 

- Version: 4.0.2 -
Bookings for additional days or nights
Minor bugs fixed and improved

- Version: 4.0.1 -
- Fixed an issue with the calculation of the conditional price in daily booking mode

- Version: 3.0.2 -
- Minimum Day problem fixed
Fixed the Price on Request issue
- Updated plugins

- Version: 3.0 -
- Booking calendar problem fixed
Speed optimization
- "Hours before booking commences" 
- "Maximum Days for Booking" added 
- Updated plugins

- Version: 2.9.5 -
- Plugins Updated
Date picker bugs fixed

- Version: 2.9.3 -
WPML Bug Fixes
- Plugins Updated
Minor bugs fixed

- Version: 2.9 -
WPML Bug Fixes
- Plugins Updated
Minor bugs fixed

- Version: 2.8 -
WPML support added
- The ability to define Minimum Days Conditional
Updated plugins
Minor bugs fixed

- Version: 2.7 -
Updated -plugins
Minor bugs fixed

- Version: 2.6 -
- Select "Minimum Days for Booking" 
- Option "Cleaning after booking (additional days)" 

- Version: 2.5 -
1. A bug was fixed with Conditional price
2. Option to add "Multiple bookings in a single order"
3. Added the Sorting Options in Catalog' option.
4. Added a filter in the "Type Filter” Sidebar 

- Version: 2.4 -
1.Added checkboxes. 
2. Added the ability to edit the URL at the "Rent now!" button. 
3.Add selected options to the Checkout.


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