Restly - IT Solutions & Technology WordPress Theme

Restly – IT Solutions & Technology WordPress Theme

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Easy Editing - IT Solutions & Technology WordPress Theme

Restly – IT Solutions and Technology WordPress Theme

Rest in peace – If you plan to run an IT solutions and technology business, then you should choose Rest in peaceThis is a professional WordPress theme IT Solutions and Technology Business. This theme is great for small digital agencies and startups.

Rest in peaceIT Solutions and Technology WordPress Template is a responsive theme of high quality. Without any optimization plugin, the website speed is 95+. Support for RTLResponsive super menuWPML Support. It is designed for their solutions, business solutions and IT companies.

Bootstrap 5, a popular responsive CSS framework worldwide, is the basis of this theme. elementHTML5, CSS3, jQuery, WooCommerce SupportMany modern technologies are also available.

– New SaaS Multipage and Single Demos added
– Add new Elementor widget
Updated version 1.1.3 of the theme
– Restlycore version 1.1.3 Update
– Includes mega menu function
WPML Support for RTL
– Title generator
– Footer generator
Elementor: Included Bootstrap 5 icons
Flat icons can be added to Elementor
Elementor should include Iconfont icons
Support WordPress 5.8
– Includes themes for children
Support WooCommerce
– 102+ Ready Blocks
Header styles – 08+
Styles for 06+ footers
– 8+ Multiple Demos – 8+ Single Page Demos
– 80+ inner pages
– 102+ element designs
– 51+ custom Elementor plugins
WordPress version 5.8 get ready
Translation available
Use Elementor Page BuilderInsert
Codestar FrameworkPlugins Included for $49
Retina ready

Restly - IT Solutions and Technology WordPress Theme

Restly - IT Solutions and Technology WordPress Theme

Restly - IT Solutions and Technology WordPress Theme

  • 07 Header layout:Choose the right header from our selections and customize it to suit your needs. You can also choose advanced header options.
  • 05 Footer Layout. Restly it Service Company WordPress TemplateChoose from one of our designs and customize it to suit your needs. Includes using 5 default footer layouts.
  • Elementor page builder:We use the most favored Drag and drop the Elementor Page Building plugin – A great visual page builder for WordPress that allows you to easily setup and organize page layouts and content.
  • header footer generatorElementor has a fully supported footer and header builder. Unlimited also offers its own headers, and footers. We have two demos of a header and one footer, for example.
  • WooCommerce integration Online stores are an integral part of the modern internet. This theme is fully WooCommerce compatible and can be customized to your specifications. Restly allows you to quickly create a store and begin making money online. Store layout, view the theme demo
  • Comprehensive Children’s Topics: Restly allows you to override page templates and pages with child themes. It allows you to easily update your theme without any risk!
  • Mega Menu: Restly – IT Solutions & Technology WordPress ThemeSupport mega menu options. Restly Theme’s mega Menu is useful if you have many pages and links you want to display in the menu system. Just activate the navigation keys.
  • RTL Support: Restly – IT Solutions & Technology WordPress Theme RTL Support. RTLMethod Right to Left Only a few languages ​​are spoken in the world RTL text direction, but these languages ​​reach over a billion people.I add RTLIf you need help, we can assist you RTLLanguage writer.
  • WPML Support: Restly – IT Solutions Company WordPressSupport WPML. It’s a plugin that can be used to create over a million WordPress websites multilingual.It is powerful enough to be used on a business website but easy enough to use for a blog.
  • It’s easy to set up and install: it supports corporate WordPress themes You can quickly install themes using WordPress upload or FTP. Then use our 1 Click Demo Importer for demo pages, posts and sliders. It takes only 2 minutes to set up!
  • Fill out the 7-Step Contact FormContact Form 7 is our plugin for creating contact forms. It’s easy to set up from just 7 contacts. You can also create your own forms.
  • Restly it Companies WordPress Theme: One-Click Demo ImporterLive previews can be imported with just one click. Instead of creating everything from scratch, you prefer to add content.
  • Responsive Layout: Restly – IT Solutions & Technology WordPress ThemeIt features a responsive layout which responds to your screen width. Content is rendered flawlessly on all devices, including large desktop screens and phones as well as tablets and smartphones.
  • Powerful Theme Options: Restly – it Solutions Inc. WordPress Restly – IT Solutions and Technology WordPress theme is a perfect example of flexible theme options that can be easily adjusted and adapted to various web design and development needs.
  • Bootstrap 5.x framework:Bootstrap is the most widely used HTML, CSS, and JS framework to develop responsive, mobile-first web projects.
  • Multiple demos added new data analysis New
  • Data Analysis OnePage Demo Added New
  • Custom 7 new plugin New
  • Add additional options to the theme options New
  • New SaaS OnePage Demo
  • Added a new Elementor plugin
  • Individual posts now have a new author section
  • New author page added
  • New features added to the theme options
  • Support WordPress 5.9
  • RTL Support
  • WPML support
  • Includes mega menu function
  • It contains 102+ styles elements
  • Full width page
  • Sidebar page left
  • Right sidebar page
  • Full width Blog
  • Blog grid view
  • Blog Grid Lift Sidebar
  • Blog grid right sidebar
  • Blog list view
  • Blog list left sidebar
  • Blog list right sidebar
  • Blog list right sidebar
  • Blog single left sidebar
  • Includes title generator
  • Include footer generator
  • All Boostrap 5 icons added to Elementor
  • One page demo
  • new tab widget
  • Hero Banner Widget
  • new service style
  • New Portfolio Style
  • Style change for the team section
  • Pricing changes
  • new blog widget
  • Three new widgets
  • Consider including children’s themes
  • WooCommerce support
  • Support for store grid viewing
  • Support store list view
  • Support stores full width grid
  • Support for the left sidebar
  • Supports the right sidebar
  • Support one store at full width
  • Support single store left column
  • Support single store right sidebar
  • online documentation
  • Support WordPress 5.9x
  • 51+ Custom Elementor Add-ons
  • Field Customizer
  • Installation is as simple as one click
  • Built with Elementor page builder
  • Built with Bootstrap 5.X
  • Built with HTML5 or CSS3
  • All types of devices are 100% compatible
  • 8+ multi-page demos
  • 1+ RTL demo
  • 8+ page demo
  • 08+ Unique Header Designs
  • 06+ Unique Footer Design
  • Mail Chimp functionality available
  • More than 3000 custom icons included
  • 80+ inner pages
  • Ready Blocks 102+
  • Buy Minicart ON Header
  • Drag and Drop Page Builder
  • Google Web Fonts are included
  • Unique creative design
  • Flat Icon Fonts Included
  • Font Awesome Icons
  • unlimited colors
  • Send us a message via the Contact Form 7.
  • Preloader enable/disable
  • sticky header
  • Sticky header on/off
  • Customize your title
  • Footer customization
  • Logo customization
  • menu customization
  • Buttons customization
  • Add video
  • Smooth scrolling
  • Custom widget
  • You have many powerful themes options
  • Very easy to customize
  • Clean and modern design
  • W3 Validation
  • Advanced Typography Options
  • Integration with Google Maps
  • Support provided by a dedicated staff
  • Perfect clean code for your convenience
  • Cross-browser compatibility: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, IE9
  • Lifetime theme updates
  • Compatible with many of the most popular plugins
  • SEO optimization
  • Supports audio from all major services (SoundCloud).
  • No programming knowledge is required
  • Simple page building
  • You can easily create new homepages and other pages
  • Easy-to-use and flexible page options
  • You can create stunning websites without having to touch any code
  • Optimized to Contact Form 7
  • Mailchimp for WordPress
  • crazy translation

Restly customize Elementor widget

  • Widgets
  • Client logo widget
  • Widget for Company Information
  • Contact Form 7 Widget
  • Widget for contact info
  • Contact information widget
  • Widget for contact list
  • Copyright widget
  • Counter V1 widget
    • One
    • Counter two
  • Widget Counter V2
  • Point animation widget
  • Shape animation widget
  • FAQ widget
  • Header widget with feature icon
  • Home Banner V1 Widget
  • Widget Home Banner V2
  • Blog V1 widget
    • Blog V1 Style One
    • Blog V1 Style Two
  • Blog V2 widget
  • Blog V3 widget
  • Portfolio widget
    • Portfolio style one
    • Portfolio Style II
    • Portfolio Style Three
    • Portfolio Style Four
    • Portfolio Style Five
  • Portfolio Category Widget
  • Portfolio Information Widget
  • Image with content widget
  • Image widget
  • Line widget
  • Mailcip V1 widget
  • Mailcip V2 widget
  • Widget menu list
  • Navigation menu widget
  • Recommended V1 widget
  • Recommended V2 widget
  • Recommended V3 widget
  • Widgets for V4 recommended
  • Pricing Tab View V1 Widget
  • Pricing Tab View V2 Widget
  • Pricing V1 widget
    • Pricing V1 Style One
    • Pricing V1 Style Two
    • Pricing V1 Style Three
  • Pricing V2 Widget
  • Pricing V3 widget
  • Recent posts widget
  • Search widget
  • Widget for Service Box V1
    • Service Box V1 Type One
    • Service Box V1 Two
    • Service Box V1 Style Three
    • Service Box V1 Style Four
    • Service Box V1 Five Style
    • Service Box V1 Style Six
  • Service Box V2 Widget
  • Social icon widget
  • Tab widget
  • Widget for Team Member
    • Style for team members
    • Style II for Team Members
    • Style three for Team Members
    • Style Four of the Team Member
  • Widget Team title
  • Widget for the theme button
  • Video button widget
  • Workflow widget
    • One Workflow Method
    • Mode two of work flow
    • Three modes of workflow


March 15, 2022 – Version 1.1.3

- Update Theme Version 1.1.3
- Restlycore Plugin Version 1.1.3 Update
- New Multiple Demo (Data Analysis)
Added New OnePage Demo for Data Analysis
- Content Elementor Addons - Added image
- New Counter Elementor Addons
- FAQ Added New Elementor Addons
- New Elementor Addons V2 - Added Pricing Tab
- Added Pricing V3 - New Elementor Addons
- Testimonial V4 Addons to Elementor
- Added Blog v3 New Elementor Extensions
Added a new header style
- New Footer Style added
- New Pages Added
- Addition of Enable/Disable Options for Sticky Menu
- Update your POT File
- Update Demo Files
Fixed CSS Issues
Fixed PHP Issue

January 7, 2022 – Version 1.1.2

- Update theme version 1.1.2
- Restlycore Plugin Version 1.1.2 Update
Fixed Breadcrumb Issue on Theme Options
Fixed Breadcrumb Title Issue Color Issue on Theme Options
Fixed Breadcrumb Link Color Issue on Theme Options
Fixed Breadcrumb Image Issue With Metabox Options
Metabox Options: Fixed Title Color Issue for Breadcrumbs
- Fixed Breadcrumb Link Colour Issue on Meta Options
- Add Open New tab Options to Header Social Links by Theme Options

December 21, 2021 – Version 1.1.1

Update Theme Version 1.1.1
- Fixed Header Version Six
- Header Six Fixed Search Icon Display Conditions
Header Six: Fixed Signup Buttons Display Condition
Fixed Minicart Display Conditions on Header Six

December 12, 2021 – Version 1.1.0

- Update theme version 1.1.0
- Restlycore Version 1.1.0 - Update
Added new SaaS Multipla Demo
- New SaaS OnePage Demo
- New Custom Elementor Widgets Added
- Video Button Widget Added
- New pricing style added
Added new service style
- New Styles for the Team 
- A New Counter Style Added 
- A New Style of Testimonial Writing
- A new header style has been added 
Added New Footer Style 
- Single Post Added Author Section 
- Author Info page for Added Authors
- Additional Theme Color Options 
Fixed CSS issue 
Fixed PHP Issue
- Update your POT File
- Update XML Data, Widgets, Customizers, and Theme Option Data
- Fixed Hero Section Video Button

November 11, 2021 – Version 1.0.9

- Update Theme Version 1.0.9
- Restlycore Version 1.0.9 Update
- Fixed Hero Section Video Button

November 5, 2021 – Version 1.0.8

- Update theme version 1.0.8
- Restlycore Version 1.0.8 Update
Fix Color Issue with Theme Options

November 5, 2021 – Version 1.0.7

- Update theme version 1.0.7
- Restlycore Version 1.0.7 Update
- Title Example with Supported Dynamic HTML (H1,H2,H3,H4,H5,H6)
- Some functions added to the theme options
Fix Preloader Dynamic Colour Issue
- Added Unlimited Icon to the Top To Bottom Button
- Dynamic Color Options Added to the Top To Bottom Button 
- Added Typography and Changing Options for the Navigation Menu 
- Dynamic Color Added to the Menu Attribute 
Fix CSS Issue
Fix PHP Issue
Fix PHP Issue
- Update your POT File

October 5, 2021 – Version 1.0.6

- Update Theme Version 1.0.6
- Restlycore Version 1.0.6 Update
- Include Mega Menu Feature
- Support RTL 
Support WPML
RTL Demo
Design with 75+ Elements
- Full-width Page 
- Left Sidebar Page 
- Right Sidebar Page 
- Blog Full-width 
- Blog Grid View 
- Blog Grid Lift SIdebar 
- Blog Grid Right Sidebar 
- Blog List View
Blog List Left Sidebar 
- Blog List Right Sidebar 
- Blog Single Right Sidebar 
- Blog Single Left Sidebar 
Fix CSS Issue
- Update your POT File
Fix PHP Issue
Fix PHP Issue

September 21, 2021 – Version 1.0.5

- Update theme version 1.0.5
- Restlycore Version 1.0.5 - Update
- Two New Multiple Demos
- Two new onepage demos
- 4 new Elementor Custom Addons added
- Incorporate some function in the theme options
- Added some pages
Fix CSS Issue
- Update your POT File
Fix PHP Issue

August 31, 2021 – Version 1.0.4

- Update Theme Version 1.0.4
Update Restlycore Version 1.0.4
- Includes Header Builder
- Builder for the Footer
- Elementor Bootstrap 5 Icon
Elementor includes a Flat Icon
- Icofont Icon in Elementor
- 8 New Custom Elementor Addons Added
- Dynamic Custom Slug by Theme Options
- Incorporate some function in the theme options
- Support More Custom 2000+ Icon Fonts
- Added some pages
Fix CSS Issue
- Update your POT File

August 20, 2021 – Version 1.0.3

Support WordPress 5.8 
 -  Update Codestar Framework
- Add Some Theme Features 
 - Fixed Some Error

July 7, 2021 – Version 1.0.2

- New Demo Added 
- New Onepage Demo 
- New Header Style Added
- New Hero Banner Widget Added
- New tab widget added
Added new Service Box Style
 - Added New Portfolio Style
- A new team style has been added
- A New Work Progress Style
Added New Pricing Style
- New Blog Widget Added
- Added some pages
- Some Blocks Added
- File Update: POT
 - Update Demo File
- Update the theme options data 

July 7, 2021 – Version 1.0.1

- Use Child Theme
- Support WooCommerce Template 
Grid view of the Support Shop
View the Support Shop List
- Support Shop Full Width Grid
- Support Shop left sidebar
Sidebar: Support Shop Right
Support Single Shop Full Length
Support Single Shop sidebar
- Support single shop right sidebar, Setting by theme options

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