Richer-responsive multi-purpose theme

Richer-responsive multi-purpose theme

Buy Richer – Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme best used for wordpress/corporate and business,clean,corporate,creative,design,modern,multipurpose,parallax,photography,portfolio,seo,visual composer,woocommerce


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They have made great ingenious discoveries that enhance existing functions. Change logSee the bottom of this page for more details and examples.

Richer is a responsive, clean and highly flexible WordPress theme. Richer is a perfect blend of functionality and ease-of-use. You can use it for a variety of purposes, including commercial websites, store websites, portfolio sites, and more. The advanced theme management panels and drag-and-drop pages builders allow you to customize any area of your website as much as you like. Modifiable layouts and styles, colors, fonts and fonts: This tool is the most comprehensive and versatile. You can instantly customize the template to suit your needs and create a unique style. You get a Revolution Slider plugin, Visual Composer plugin, many useful shortcodes as well as advanced icons, Google fonts and a 4-page layout.

Next update: We will be reviewing all feedback from users and will release regular updates with appropriate features, improvements, or plug-ins.

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Functional Overview

  • Premium WordPress theme with multipurpose capabilities
  • Any type of website can benefit from a clean and modern design
  • WordPress 3.8+ Test
  • Develop with HTML5 & CSS3
  • SEO foundation, SEO optimization
  • Clean, modular and robust coding
  • Cross browser: Chrome FireFox Safari FireFox Safari, IE9 IE10 IE11
  • You can opt to not receive a response at all
  • Retina Ready
  • Compatible with basic child themes, including child themes
  • High availability and overall user satisfaction
  • Fully integrated Sosa Font icon and Font Awesome sets
  • Compatible with the most popular plugins
  • WooCommerce compatible, build your own online shop!
  • Visual Composer – now creating pages is as easy as ABC
  • WPML is completely compatible
  • Optional automatic theme updating
  • Contains 2 demos
  • Excellent customer support
    • Support is free – we care about our customers’ websites
    • Unlimited lifetime updates
    • Support forum dedicated to you with extensive knowledge
    • Online documentation constantly updated
    • An expanding library of HD tutorials
  • Demo content import
    • Import Demo content-a quick and easy way for you to set up your website.
    • Built-in demo content importer
    • A.Gz file with demo content created using Visual Composer
    • Demo slider import
  • Advanced customization/theme options
    • Advanced panel
    • Offers many options and amazing customization capabilities
    • Nearly every element can be disabled or enabled
    • Advanced options for disabling/enabling individual functions
  • Plugins
    • Including Revolution Slider Plug-in-US$19 value
    • Includes Visual Composer plug-in-worth $30
    • Include contact form 7 plug-in
  • Numerous useful short codes
    • There are many short codes. These include labels, buttons and icons.
    • There are many design options available for short codes.
    • Amazing social icons
    • Amazing options for buttons
  • Super menu
    • For large menus
    • Use 1-4 columns
    • Can be extended to full width
  • Side menu
    • Responsive
    • Left or right
    • Two types of sidebar: toggle and toggle
  • Multilingual / Ready for RTL
    • WPML is completely compatible
    • Translation ready, .po/.mo file
    • Built-in RTL support
    • Compatible with qTranslate-x
  • Integration of social networks
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Flickr
    • Instagram
  • Popular plugin integration
    • bbPress compatible
    • Compatible with qTranslate-x
    • Gravity compatible
    • Contact form 7 compatible
    • Compatible with WooCommerce
  • Built-in widgets
    • Portfolio widget
    • Check out these featured product gadgets
    • Embed widget
    • Sponsor Gadget
    • Contact device
    • Post widget
    • Facebook widget
    • Flickr widget
    • Twitter widget
  • Advanced page options
    • You can assign the slider to any page or blog post
    • Show/hide page title bars and page title text
    • You can choose between a boxed or wide version per webpage
    • Show/hide the header, footer, and copyright sections of each page
    • Each portfolio page can display custom categories
    • Use the default settings, or choose the sidebar to the right or left of each page.
  • Advanced portfolio options Unlimited portfolio page
  • Advanced Options
  • Advanced typesetting optionsGoogle fonts, standard fonts or your own fonts
  • Advanced Options
  • Advanced titles options
  • Advanced page title bar
  • Advanced footer options
  • Infinite colors.Picker for backend colors in any color setting
  • Sidebars infinite
  • It is a wide and boxy layout

Change log

February 15, 2018, Version 3.2.5

-Fixed: Issues with the woocommerce template files
-updated Revolution Slider plugin to Version 5.4.7; Visual Composer plugin version 5.4.5

August 28, 2017, Version 3.2.1

Issue fixed with background image and logo option
-updated Revolution Slider Plugin Version:

June 19, 2017-Version 3.2

Added: Compatibility with PHP7;
- Issue with the row element of visual composer fixed
Revolution slider plugin updated

May 9, 2017, Version 3.1

- Updated: Visual Composer plugin version 5.1.1
Update: Revolution slider plugin updated to
- fixed:woocommerce (3.0.5) compatibility;

September 9, 2016-Version 3.0

- Updated: Visual Composer plugin (to version 4.12.1);
- fixed:woocommerce compatibility;
Fixed theme compatibility for wordpress 4.6.1

June 8, 2016-Version 2.6.8

- Updated: Revolution Slider plugin to
- Updated: Visual Composer plugin to 4.12

April 13, 2016-Version 2.6.7

- Revised: Revolution Slider plugin (to version;
- Updated: Visual Composer plugin to 4.11.2
Updated: woocommerce templates files
Issue with jQuery fixed

March 24, 2016-Version

- Updated: Revolution Slider plugin to
- Updated: Visual Composer plugin to 4.11.1
Font Awesome has been updated to 4.5.0
Fixed: Menu element jumping problem in ie10 and ie11
- approved: 'Iconbox' shortcode.

February 26, 2016-Version 2.6.5

- Fixed: Styles for new VC shortcodes. Tabs, tours and accordions.

February 6, 2016, Version 2.6.4

- Fixed: Issues with woocommerce, issues using jQuery

January 14, 2016, Version 2.6.3

- Updated: Revolution Slider plugin to 5.1.6
- Updated: Visual Composer plugin to 4.9.2;
- Fixes: Problem with the 'wp_title’ function. This is in relation to WordPress version 4.4.1.

December 24, 2015-Version 2.6.2

Updated: Revolution Slider plugin (to version 5.1.5);
- Updated: Visual Composer plugin (to version 4.9.1)
- Issue with the 'top' widgets fixed

December 1, 2015-Version 2.6.1

- Updated: Revolution Slider plugin (to 5.1.4);
Fixed: Issue with grid layout for posts, and issue with mobile view's parallax background

November 16, 2015 – Version 2.6

- Updated: Visual Composer plugin to 4.8.1
- Updated: Revolution Slider plugin to 5.1.2

October 29, 2015 – Version 2.5.9

- Fixed: Issue with the 'title tag’
Visual Composer (ver.

October 23, 2015 – Version 2.5.8

Problem fixed with shortcode parameters dropdown

October 22, 2015 – Version 2.5.7

- Updated: Revolution Slider plugin to 5.1
- Fixed: Issue with the'separator Title' shortcode
- added: if(!function_exists('')) for better compatibility with child-theme

October 7, 2015-Version 2.6

- Updated: Visual Composer plugin (to version 4.7.4)
Fixed: Issue with search results page excerpts
- Fixed: Issue with parallax background

October 1, 2015-Version 2.5.5

- Updated: Visual Composer plugin (to version 4.7.3)
Updated: Revolution Slider plugin (to version 5.0.9)

September 29, 2015-Version

Fixed: Issues with Woocommerce compatibility

September 24, 2015-Version

Fixed: Title duplication issue
- Fixed: Problem with "socials", shortcode in footer
- Added: Lightbox for a single image
- Updated: Visual Composer plugin (to version 4.7.2)

September 17, 2015-Version 2.0

- Updated: Revolution Slider plugin to
- Updated: Visual Composer plugin to

September 9, 2015-Version 2.

Updated: Revolution Slider plugin (to version 5.0.6)
- Updated: Visual Composer plugin to 4.7
Fixed: Issue with the "Text" widget

August 29, 2015-Version 2.0.9

Slider Revolution plugin (to version 5.0.5) - Updated
- Improved: Replaced WP_widget's deprecated function with __construct

August 26, 2015-Version 2.08

Slider Revolution plugin now at ver. 
- Resolved: Issue with theme options (top Navigation Link Font Options)

August 19, 2015-Version

Updated files for compatibility to WooCommerce plugin 2.4.4

August 13, 2015 – Version 2.4.6

- Fixed: SEO plugin compatibility issue (meta description).
- Added: Possibility to add meta information to each page (for built in SEO)

August 11, 2015-Version 2.0

- Updated: Revolution slider plugin (to version.5.0)
- fixed: problem with tgm_plugin_activation

July 24, 2015-Version 2.4.4

- Fixed: Smooth scroll to sections after page refreshing
- Improvement: The dynamic css file has been moved to the uploads directory (to avoid saving again after theme updates)

July 23, 2015-Version 2.0

Fixed: Row paddings issue (when row is stretched to fullwidth).

July 14, 2015 – Version 2.4.2

- Resolved: Small issues with the responsiveness of the checkout page
Issue with background image in boxed layout fixed
- Fixed: Issue with fixed background option for fancy titlebar
- Updated: Visual Composer plugin to 4.6.1.

June 23, 2015-Version 2.4.1

Fixed issue regarding saving widgets from custom sidebars 
Updated: PrettyPhoto.jQuery plugin (to 3.1.6).
- Updated: Visual Composer plugin (to version 4.5.3)

June 6, 2015-Version 2.4

Fixed: Mobile navigation color styling issue
- Fixed: The "Save All Changes" button is now available at the top of all theme options
- Fixed: Issue with smooth scrolling, anchor ID
Minor issue with mobile responsiveness fixed
- Fixed: Net cim is compatible with the woocommerce gateway
- Updated: Visual Composer plugin to 4.5.2.

May 22, 2015-Version 2.3.8

Smooth scrolling can be disabled
- added: custom css optimization ('clean head')
- Fixed: Issue with images at height
Slider Revolution plugin updated (to 4.6.93).

May 5, 2015-Version 2.3.7

- Fixed: Issue with double "Cart Totals" sections (WooCommerce).
- Updated: Visual Composer plugin (to version 4.5.1)

April 30, 2015-Version 2.3.6

- Fixed: Issue with sidebar list bullets
Slider Revolution plugin has been updated to 4.6.91
- Updated: Visual Composer plugin to 4.5

April 22, 2015-Version 2.3.5

- Added: The option to remove/edit the'singular' name from portfolio posts 
Tabs shortcode issue fixed
- fixed: removed code pattern that could cause XSS vulnerability (
Activation of TGM Plugin
- Updated: Visual Composer plugin to 4.4.

March 24, 2015-Version 2.3.4

Fixed: Add-to-Cart bug fixed for single product page
- Fixed: Add to cart bug for related products

March 17, 2015 – Version 2.3.3

Problem with portfolio item ordering images has been fixed 
- Updated: Visual Composer plugin to 4.4.3.

February 26, 2015 – Version 2.3.2

- Fixed: compatibility with the latest version of WooCommerce plugin (
- Fixed: Style for the language switcher menu item
Fixed: WooCommerce bug for adding to cart button for "Product Variable" item

February 18, 2015-Version 2.0

- Fixed: Issues with compatibility with the newest WooCommerce plugin (2.3.4)
Fixed: Issue with subpage header version 5

February 4, 2015-Version 2.0

- Fixed: Problem with the extra description section of portfolio item
- Updated: Visual Composer plugin (to version 4.4.2).
Font Awesome icons font updated to 4.3

January 20, 2015-Version 2.0

Added: Shortcode for Image Carousel
- Updated: Visual Composer plugin (to 4.4.1).

December 23, 2014-Version 2.2

Tested: Compatibility with WordPress 4.1
- Updated: Visual Composer plugin (to 4.3.5).
- Fixed: Copyright section in mobile view. 

December 9, 2014-Version 2.0

- Additional: Masonry layout to be used for testimonials
Fixed: Portfolio widget issue in mobile view
Slider Revolution plugin updated (to 4.6.5).

November 25, 2014-Version 2.2

- Added: Instagram shortcode for Socials
- Added: Tooltip shortcode

October 28, 2014-Version 2.0.

- Additional: Built-in SEO Base allows you to switch between on and off
- Fixed: Text alignment style in the lists

October 21, 2014 – Version 2.1.6

Slider Revolution plugin version 4.6.2 has been added
- Added: The possibility to change search parameters (search through all pages or through specific posts)

October 18, 2014 – Version 2.1.5

Added: Single column layout for Portfolio shortcode
- Fixed: Titlebar issue in the theme options
Icon shortcode issue fixed

September 22, 2014 – Version 2.1.4

- added: Slider Revolution latest version
- Fixed: Issue with Recent Posts shortcode columns
- Fixed: Problem with logo image width
Titlebar Shop Category Issue Fixed
- Fixed: Issue with column's lining in blog grid

September 16, 2014 – Version 2.1.3

- added: Visual Composer latest version
Font Awesome's latest version has been added
Tested: Compatibility with WordPress 4.0
- Fixed: Issue with Proceed to Checkout (woocommerce).
Fixed: Issue with the testimonial carousel shortcode length
- Resolved: Problem with price list styling.
- Resolved: minor problem with the "bordered by thumb" testimonial style

August 19, 2014 – Version 2.1.2

- new style added to iconbox shortcode. (aside circle icon).
- Fixed: WooCommerce cart page problem

August 11, 2014-Version 2.1

- Updated: All the recommended theme plugins have been placed on our server
- removed: aqua page builder

August 6, 2014-Version 2.2.1

- Addition: The possibility to create custom fonts
- Updated: All the theme plugins have been updated to the latest version 
- Fixed: Mobile mode responsiveness issues

July 23, 2014-Version 2.0

WPML Full Compatibility - Added
- Additional: Automatic theme updating built-in 
- Fixed: issue with testimonial carousel

July 12, 2014-Version 1.5

- added: 2 new demos - Creative/Agency & Side Menu 
- added: social shareboxes for portfolio posts
- added: Instagram feeds (shortcodes & widgets)
Slider Revolution Plugin - Updated
- Resolved: Problem with the contact map shortcode
Contact us to resolve the issue
- Fixed: Issue with images carousel
Portfolio parameter fixed: columns
- fixed: header layout options

July 2, 2014 – Version 1.4

- Added: Responsive Side Bar Navigation
- Added: Visual Composer option - adding ID row to connect with main menu (commonly used in one-page sites and landing pages).
Slider Revolution Plugin - Updated
- Improved: Keywords for Every Page that Adds to Meta-Keywords
- Fixed: Problem with the "select block" in theme options
Fixed: Accent color issue for toggles and accordeons

June 30, 2014-Version 1.3.1

- fixed: issues with Aqua drag&drop page builder
- Fixed: Issues with content import via uploading an xml file
- Fixed: One additional recommended xml file was removed from the data import folder
Added: New built-in content importer

June 26, 2014-Version 1.3

Video background options added
- added: possibility to add parallax effrect to the row (/framework/js/functions.js)
- Added: xml file containing demo content created with Visual Composer
- added: Google Map shortcode (/framework/inc/vc-shortcodes.php)
- added: Icon List shortcode (/framework/inc/vc-shortcodes.php)
- fixed:
Style.css: Minor fixes
    - /framework/inc/shortcodes.php: bug on line 877; changed filters for shortcodes; richer_iconlist function changed
    - /framework/css/shortcodes.css: minor fixes
    - /framework/headers/header-version4.php: changed pre_process_shortcode to do_shortcode function
    - /framework/inc/portfolio/wide.php: changed pre_process_shortcode to do_shortcode function
    - /framework/inc/portfolio/sidebyside.php: changed pre_process_shortcode to do_shortcode function
    - /framework/inc/post-format/single-gallery.php: images retrieve function
    - /framework/inc/post-format/content-gallery.php: images retrieve function

June 24, 2014-Version 1.2

- Improved: All the theme shortcodes are now fully integrated with Visual Composer
Visual Composer row layout issue fixed
Font Awesome Icon Updated to Version 4.1

June 20, 2014-Version 1.1

- added: Revolution Slider latest version
- added: Visual Composer Plugin latest version
Aqua Page Builder - Added
- Added: All shortcodes to Aqua Page Builder
- improved: SEO optimization keys
Fixed: A bug at line 22 functions.php - Removed extra slash

June 15, 2014-Version 1.0



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