Scooter-One page multipurpose theme

Scooter-One page multipurpose theme

Buy Scooter – One Page Multi-Purpose Theme best used for wordpress/creative and agency,business,creative,flat,gym,hotel,map,multi purpose,one page,parallax,portfolio,restaurant,single page,travel


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Uses unlimited

Business? Fashion? Fashion? sports? travel? Restaurant? mechanism? One page? Multiple Pages Or you could do something else. You can create any type of website with this theme. Scooter offers incredible flexibility thanks to its powerful control panel, stylish design, and the ability to create any kind of website. Scooter is a WordPress theme that can be used for one page. It has many multi-purpose capabilities. Scooter can be used to create a multipage website or a single-page website. Shortcodes are used to create layouts and add new content. This theme has rich features and a beautiful design. You will find great creative blogs, stunning portfolio thumbnail slides, custom introduction sections with beautiful spinners, and many other highlights at the scooter party! Get ready to be impressed by an amazing array of features when you join us

5 different parts

Scooter lets you have unlimited sections for your homepage. These sections can be organized in any order you want. You can use them in different ways. They can be used in the home page as well as on external pages.
-Blog Section: This section displays the most recent posts from your website. It can be displayed on an external website as a traditional blog.
-Video Part: Full-width videos can be played with effects in 3 formats. (mp4, webm, ogg)
-Custom parts: You can make any part you like. With the extensive support for shortcodes, you can easily create different custom parts for different purposes. This section can also be used to create different types of external pages.
-Parallax section : You can create beautiful parallax background images using overlay and animation effects. This will enhance the beauty of your website.

Fully customizable(Administration panel Area)
Our admin panel allows you to customize every part of your website. Scooter gives you a few examples of the options available to you:
-Favorite icons
-Special intro slider that includes a map, slide and video background with text spinner
-Theme, text, and link colors
-Preloader customization
-Logo, menu appearance
Sidebar (unlimited sidebar support).
-Full customization (map, 3 different widget areas)
-Social icons
-Additional style section and script for customization

Super responsive design

Scooter’s responsive web design ensures that your website looks great on any screen, no matter how small or large.

Shortcode library

Scooter’s core features can all be accessed via our shortcode generator. You can use more than 40 shortcodes to create your pages in any way you like.

Fonts from Google

To easily alter your website fonts, use the administrative control panel. There are more than 620 Google fonts available. You can also choose different fonts for title, navigation and content text.

Modern combination

Our brand new portfolio allows you to customize every portfolio item with every detail. You can use 4 different size portfolio items and 3 featured photos. Your portfolio will shine on any website! You can also choose from 5 different product types.

Standard: Simple content with images
Gallery: Useful for image slideshows on your detail page
Video: This is used to support the video display on Vimeo and YouTube videos
Audio: SoundCloud audio can be added to your portfolio project
Links: You can redirect users to any URL that you choose


You can create unique and stunning icon boxes with our icon fonts.

No charge plugin

Scooter includes a layer slider, which can be used to create amazing slideshows.

Slider for introduction that is powerful

You can make jaw-dropping first impressions for your website with this feature! The background can be a slideshow, full width layer slider or full width video player. In the introduction section of your website, you can also use full width Google Maps. These features can be used as background to a text spinner. If you have a little imagination, users will fall in love with your website the first time they visit it.

Simple to use

We try to make the theme as user-friendly as possible.

Demo content

Scooter offers 12 predefined templates, which make it easy to build a website within an hour. All you have to do is select the template that interests you, import the content, and then replace our content by yours. finished!

Animation effect

Every part of your website will now be shown to the user through various animation effects that have been previously chosen! This will make your website more modern and fun to surf!

Translation ready

Scooter makes it simple to create a multilingual website. Scooter is compatible with most popular translation plugins, such as WPML. This allows you to translate any part of your website easily.

SEO optimization

Scooter’s best SEO practices will help your website rank well in search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo!, etc.

Different layout

Scooter has fully customizable pages. But what about additional pages? You don’t need to worry, you can have an external page that is fully compatible with our shortcode. There are three layout options for these pages: no sidebar, right sidebar, and left sidebar.

Blog that is powerful

Scooter offers 5 types of post: audio, slides (video, audio), slides (audio slides), and audio slides (audio slides). These blog pages can be powerful and varied. The video type blog supports Vimeo and YouTube video links, while the sound type blog supports soundcloud.

Retina Ready

This website looks smart and clear on any device. This theme is retina-ready.

Support from the top

All your questions will be answered within 24 hours by our support forum and support staff. For information on other people’s opinions about our support services, visit our support forum.

Code that is clean
We aren’t forgetting the experts. If you’re a programmer, web developer or programmer, you can read the Scooter code easily because we use comments throughout. This allows for you to understand the structure and customize the theme.

Facebook widget
Our custom facebook widget is available in the widget area. This allows you to select to receive more likes on your facebook page from a cool box.

Social sharing buttons
To enjoy social sharing, your blog posts can be enabled for each post.

Woo Commerce ready and custom WooCommerce drop down shopping cart widget
You can easily set up your online store by using the Scooter Woo Commerce dropdown widget. This theme is compatible to Woo Commerce.

Features of a one-page multi-purpose scooter theme:

  • Reactive and retina ready
  • Woo Commerce available
  • Drop-down widget Custom Woo Commerce
  • Beautiful animation elements
  • A powerful management panel with a translation-ready function
  • Optional themes that are easy to use
  • Modern and unique design
  • There are many shortcodes that offer great shortcode generators
  • Unlimited themes colors
  • Special introduction
  • Fonts from Google
  • 28 animated social icons
  • Translation and WPML ready
  • SEO optimization
  • + 620 icon fonts
  • Multi-portfolio ready
  • Portfolio thumbnail slider with four different thumbnail sizes
  • 8 styles of custom text rotator
  • 1 Click Demo Import
  • One or more pages
  • Full-screen slider
  • Full screen video
  • Full-screen Google Maps (2 styles).
  • Parallax support
  • Unlimited heading styles
  • Video background
  • Unlimited shortcode colors
  • Multiple sidebars
  • Smooth scrolling
  • Facebook widgets, skills, videos and Flickr custom widgets

Change log

05/17/2014 – Version 1.5

-- Protected against add_query_arg()Remove_query_arg() vulnerability
-- Plugin Update

09/22/2014 – Version 1.4

-- Adding alt attribute for image box shortcode
-- Icon box bug fixed
Files that were modified
--lib/shortcodes/shortcodes.php (changed)
--scooter/lib/admin/scripts.js (changed)

08/27/2014-Version 1.3

Woo Commerce support available
Woo Commerce widget added to dropdown cart
-- The post saving error has been fixed
Resturant demo added

Files that were modified
-- woocomerce.php 
-- woocomerce/content-product.php ( added ) 
-- woocomerce/content-single-product.php ( added )
-- woocomerce/single-product/product-thumbnails.php ( added ) 
-- woocomerce/single-product/product-image.php ( added ) 
-- assets/css/wocomerce.css ( added )
-- templates/shop-head.php ( added ) 
-- lib/sidebars.php (changed) 
-- lib/frameworks.php
-- lib/utilities.php 
-- lib/admin/form-setting.php ( changed )
-- assets/css/theme-styles.css  ( changed ) 
-- templates/section-nav.php ( changed ) 
-- assets/image/wc-dropdown-cart.png   ( added )
-- lib/widget/widget-woocomerce-dropdown-cart.php ( added )
-- lib/post-types/blog.php ( changed ) 
-- lib/admin/DummyData/resturant.xml ( added )
Style.css (changed )

07/28/2014-Version 1.2

Facebook widget added
Blog posts now include a social network share and like button
Footer socials have an added Instagram social icon
Add Instagram social icon to your social shortcodes

Files that were modified
-- lib/framework.php 
-- lib/shortcodes/settings.php
-- templates/section-footer.php
-- lib/widgets/widget-facebook.php ( add ) 
-- templates/social-share.php ( add ) 
-- templates/single-post-video-gallery.php
-- templates/single-post-video.php
-- templates/single-post-gallery.php
-- templates/single-post-audio.php
-- templates/single-post-audio-gallery.php
-- assets/custom.php
-- lib/scripts.php
-- lib/admin/admin.js
-- lib/admin/form-settings.php
-- assets/theme-styles.css
-- lib/admin/styles.css

07/16/2014 – Version 1.1

-- Improved Scooter intro slider
-- Reliable and improved functionality

Files that were modified
-- assets/css/responcive.css
-- assets/css/theme-styles.css
-- assets/css/custom.js
-- language/en.po
-- language/
-- wpml-config.xml
-- lib/admin/form-settings.php
-- lib/admin/scripts/admin.js
-- lib/admin/css/style.css
-- templates/text-rotator.php
-- templates/loop-page-video.php
-- lib/post-types/js/portfolio.js

07/14/2014 – Version 1.0

-- Publication


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