SiteGround 2020 Pricing: How much do your plans cost?

SiteGround is one of the most popular shared hosting providers, and also one of my favorites. But they don’t just offer shared hosting: you can also get cloud hosting, custom hosting for businesses, and even hosting plans optimized for WordPress, Joomla, or WooCommerce.

So you are probably asking yourself: Which plan should I choose?

Let’s see exactly what SiteGround offers and the price of each of its plans.

SiteGround hosting plans in detail

SiteGround offers several types of web hosting. Let’s take a look at the prices of each one and I’ll tell you exactly what they offer.

Costs of SiteGround Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is the most common type of web hosting and probably the most convenient for you to use unless your website is especially large or requires specific technical features.

The StartUp plan costs 9.95 euros per month and with it, you will have 10 GB of space (it only allows 1 website). The GrowBig costs 17.95 euros and gives you 20 GB of space, as well as more options for backups and more speed. The GoGeek plan is priced at $29.95, with 30 GB of storage and advanced options (like a Git repository). SiteGround does not limit the traffic your website can receive.

SiteGround Shared hosting cost

The truth is that it is not the cheapest hosting company, but it has many good features, and the quality is paid for.

  StartUp GrowBig GoGeek
Allowed websites 1 Unlimited Unlimited

Recommended for:


10 000 visitors


25 000 visitors


100 000 visitors

Web Space 10 GB 20 GB 30 GB
Free Domain 1 year free 1 year free 1 year free
Subdomains Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Email accounts Unlimited

Mailing space per account 2 GB


Mailing space per account 4 GB


Mailing space per account 6 GB



Max. size

500 MB


Max. size

750 MB


Max. size

1000 MB

FTP accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Free SSL Yes with Let’s Encrypt Yes with Let’s Encrypt Yes with Let’s Encrypt
Caché Static content Static content

Dynamic data

BD Consultations

Static content

Dynamic data

BD Consultations

Backup Restore Free Free

Includes on-demand backups


Includes on-demand backups

Test environment for WordPress No Yes Yes
Git Repository No No Yes
Money Back 30 Days 30 Days 30 Days

* .com domain names cost 13.95 euros per year and .es domain names cost 12.95 euros (more information later).

** After the end of the initial contract, the prices increase to those described in “Renewal prices”.

Please note that you will have to pay the full amount of the contract in advance. This means that if you want to contract SiteGround for 36 months, you will have to pay a 36 x monthly price in advance, but in the long run, it will save you a lot of money.

A side note: In my experience, SiteGround offers one of the best shared hosting services on the market, as it combines good performance and a friendly support team. I use them for a few personal projects (of relatively large size) and I am very happy.

SiteGround’s StartUp plan is the most suitable for those people who are looking for a hosting for only 1 project, but who needs a good service. We like that SiteGround does not limit the traffic and is also quite generous with the storage space (10 GB). Although, if you need to be able to create backups on-demand, you should hire a superior plan, as it is not included in this one. However, they do keep 30 backups (of the last 30 days), so if you have an emergency (for example, if you update a plugin and your entire site is down), you could always ask to have your site restored to an earlier version.

If you choose the next best plan, the GrowBig, you will be able to make on-demand backups and will have 20 GB of storage space (also with unlimited traffic). This plan also has a test environment for WordPress that will allow you to check your site before introducing updates or new code. This intermediate SiteGround plan has more caching options (static + dynamic + DB queries) that will allow your website to load faster. This plan is suitable for people who have more than 1 website, want more features or need servers with better characteristics.

The GoGeek plan has 30 GB of space (also with unlimited traffic) and access to Git repositories. You will also have advanced and priority support. In addition, you’ll be able to give your clients access without them seeing any mention of SiteGround in the backend, something very suitable for developers and agencies.

SiteGround Cloud Hosting Plans

In recent years, cloud hosting solutions have multiplied, using a network of interconnected servers.

The main advantages of this solution are its performance and scalability: if you need more resources, you simply add them to your hosting configuration.



Main features of SiteGround cloud hosting

But, of course, this is usually more expensive than shared domains. Let’s take a look at SiteGround’s plans for cloud hosting.

Please note that the above plans are only suggestions, with SiteGround’s cloud hosting configurator you will be able to make a custom plan (more or less Ram, space or CPU).

SiteGround cloud hosting plans have all the advanced features such as test environment, static and dynamic caching, Git repository creation, and more.

Hosting optimized for WordPress

Approximately 30% of the web pages use WordPress, so many of us are looking for a web hosting optimized for this content manager and that will make our lives easier.

SiteGround for WordPress Features

SiteGround offers specially designed hosting plans for projects created with WordPress (and WooCommerce). They have several features for WordPress:

  • 1-click installation of WordPress and a plugin for beginners
  • Automatic updates for WordPress and Plugins
  • A plugin to optimize the speed of websites created with WordPress
  • An environment for testing new code and updates
  • Easy to use WordPress page migration plugin
  • Good WordPress support team

Note: Not all plans include all of these features. You can find a detailed comparison here.

The prices of these plans are the same as those of the shared hosting:

  • StartUp: $ 3.95 per month for 10GB of storage space and unlimited traffic. For 1 website.
  • GrowBig: $5.95 per month with 20 GB of storage space, unlimited traffic, and more cache options.
  • GoGeek: $11.95 per month with 30 GB of storage space, unlimited traffic, plus cache and Git repository options.

Note: As with regular shared hosting plans, you’ll get significant discounts the first time you sign up.

Prices for SiteGround domains

SiteGround is focused on its hosting services. However, they also offer domain names, although it is true that there are cheaper options, such as Namecheap (only available in English) or SERED. SiteGround plans include a free domain name for the first year, but after that, you will have to pay for it. Prices for SiteGround domains

For example, a .com domain will cost you 13.95 euros per year, while .es domains cost 12.95 euros per year and domains cost 17.95 euros per year.

Frequently asked questions about SiteGround pricing

Do you have any plans for reseller hosting?

Yes, we do. If this is what you are looking for, SiteGround offers you a way to resell their services (can be done as a white label). More info.

What if none of the standard plans are powerful enough for me?

First of all, we congratulate you, because that means you have a very big (and successful) website. In that case, SiteGround also offers customized solutions to meet the needs of projects like yours. Find out more about their Enterprise solution.

SiteGround will study your needs and design the most suitable infrastructure for you. But you can be sure that it will not be cheap.

Can I use SiteGround for e-mail accounts?

It’s a shame, but they don’t have email only hosting plans. In my opinion, Namecheap (a simple solution) or G Suite (more advanced) are better options. But, if you wanted to do it with SiteGround, you could hire one of their shared hosting plans and use it to host your mail.

What are the additional costs of SiteGround?

SiteGround does not have many unexpected costs. The only thing we see is the setup fee (12 ? – 20 ?) they charge to users who want to sign up for a trial month of one of their plans.

Do you get your money back if you are not happy?

Yes, you have 30 days to try SiteGround and see if you like it. If you decide not to use it anymore, you can request a cancellation (within that 30-day period) and get your money back without asking for any explanation.

How do I cancel SiteGround?

With SiteGround it is easy to cancel your hosting account. You can do this from the billing section of your user area. Simply select the service you want to cancel and follow the instructions.

You can request an immediate cancellation so that your account is disabled at that time, or choose to cancel the plan when the contract period ends.

SiteGround Pricing: Latest Thoughts

It is clear that SiteGround is not the cheapest hosting provider, so you will need to have a certain budget to host your website with them, especially if you want to have all the features of the GoGeek plan (like their test environment).

However, SiteGround is one of the few providers that offer excellent performance with effective support. And for me, another good thing is to know that, if my project grows a lot, I could switch to using other of their more powerful solutions (like their cloud hosting or custom business hosting).

In my opinion, SiteGround is suitable for the following types of projects:

  • Blogs with some success
  • Web pages created with WordPress, Drupal, Joomla or Magento
  • Online stores that require a reliable hosting provider
  • Design agencies and web developers
  • Companies that need a professional web hosting service
  • Professionals who want to resell hosting
  • Anyone who needs web hosting with good performance

If you are still not sure which SiteGround plan is right for you, leave us a comment and I will be happy to help you.

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