SNDWCH - Restaurant WordPress Theme

SNDWCH – Restaurant WordPress Theme

Buy SNDWCH – Restaurant WordPress Theme best used for wordpress/entertainment/restaurants-cafes and bars,dinner,drink,food,iphone,nightlife,photography,restaurant,restaurants


Renew August 11, 2015Version 1.2 now available
All updates are completely free Check out the Changelog.


High-quality responsive theme for restaurants. You can customize this theme however you wish. You can use Google Maps to create a sticky navigation using scrollspy. This includes menus that include prices and calories. Unlimited menus can be added. You can add unlimited menus to this theme. You can store this contact form directly into your database. The theme includes an integrated booking system for iPhone and iPad. Tracks and analyzes data.

Our mobile app is free and allows you to manage your reservations!

It is called “Retention” (and will go live at the exact same time). This app is intended for owners, managers and restaurant owners. The application allows you to directly communicate with WordPress. You can send a request to someone who visits your site. The application’s purpose is to allow restaurant owners and managers to make table reservations. You can access the iPhone app or iPad using the secure password generated by your website.

SNDWCH - Restaurant WordPress Theme - 1

SNDWCH - Restaurant WordPress Theme - 2

You can use this to supplement or replace your current booking system. Access your WordPress analytics will make it easy to see your booking data. You can learn about the trends and volume of your customers by using this feature. You will have your entire data hosted within your WordPress database. This means there won’t be any third party fees.

This app can be used on iPhone 5s, 5, 6+ and iPad Mini 2, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPad Mini, iPad Mini, iPad Mini, iPad Mini, iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPad Mini, iPad Mini, iPad Mini, iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPad Mini, iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPad Mini, iPad Mini, iPad Mini, iPad Mini, iPad Mini, iPad Mini, iPad Mini, iPad Mini, iPad 6, 6+, iPad Mini, iPad Mini, iPad Mini, iPad Mini The app is completely free. To use the features of this app, download and install Wordpess.

A few highlights:

WordPress is the only application that integrates with it in such a way. Analytics and reports to view customer trends, and other relevant data. Register for reservations at any restaurant. – Multiple location management. It is useful for expanding restaurants into new areas. – Never double order again!


A-level support. This subject is well covered. If you need help, I can help you get started. icons:

– Proletkult Graphik calls you from The Noun Project. – Andrew Fortnum’s Macaroni Noodle ( – Samuel Q. House. Green of The Noun Project ( – Jacob Halton Coffee from The Noun Project ( – Food from Stephanie Wauters of The Noun Project ( – Sandwiches from Tom Glass, Jr. of The Noun Project ( – From The Noun Project ( Heart of Luboš Volkov ( – Arrow of simple icons from The Noun Project (

This template uses the modified image of bread purchased and has been vectorized.

Changelog August 11, 2015

Map bug fix for minor issues
Other misc bugs fixed with an image


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