Storeup-Self-storage business WordPress theme

Storeup-Self-storage business WordPress theme

Buy Storeup – Self Storage Business WordPress Theme best used for wordpress/corporate/business and amenities,archiving,business,corporate,equipment,furniture storage,moving,self-storage,storage,storing stock,unit


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StoreUp is an efficient and responsive platform. Store, Self-built storage, MoveSimilar WordPress themes had more advanced features than others, making them ideal for self-storage businesses. Advanced features for self-storage topics.

Theme Features

  • Elastic slider
  • Static image
  • Custom slider
  • 5 heading styles, with fixed headings
  • Unlimited sidebars on any page
  • Fontawesome’s latest icon
  • Options for left sidebar
  • Sidebar options for right
  • Options for full-width pages
  • Add the slider to any page.
  • Disable breadcrumbs from any page
  • Any page can have a subtitle background color
  • 3 Place the subtitles at the right, left and center.
  • Google fonts 501+
  • Top sticky strip
  • Plug-in-value for Business Hours Pro: $20
  • For pages and posts, you can create custom subtitle images
  • For pages and posts, custom subtitle teaser text
  • The page’s custom subtitle is measured in inches.
  • Shortcodes for the recommended list
  • Shortcode for recommended carousel
  • Widget footer
  • There are many color options available for your skin
  • Multi-threaded annotation
  • 9 post formats (standard, narration, audio, link, image, gallery, quote, status, video)
  • Built-in shortcode generator.
  • Advanced options panel (Import/export of option settings.
  • Blog page template
  • Shortcode for VC add-on

Short Code

  • accordion
  • Alert box
  • Bulk Offer
  • Blog
  • Blog carousel
  • Button
  • Get involved
  • Column layout
  • Contact information
  • Countdown counter
  • Divider
  • Capitular
  • Scalable
  • Fancy ampersand
  • Fancy box
  • Fancy box picture
  • Fancy title
  • Flickr photos
  • Beautiful icon
  • It’s an interesting fact
  • Google fonts
  • Google Map
  • Accentuate
  • Icon box
  • Picture
  • Image icon box
  • Check out the List
  • List icon items
  • Logo carousel
  • Pricing table
  • Progress is a circle
  • Progress bar
  • Partial full angle
  • Service box
  • Service
  • Box for staff
  • Label
  • Tab navigation
  • Testimonials
  • Twenty-two
  • Empty table
  • Vimeo
  • YouTube

Background custom

  • Body
  • Page
  • Title
  • Subtitle
  • Slider area featured
  • Footer

Other features

  • Extensive documentation
  • Localization ready
  • WPMU compatible
  • WPML plug-in compatible
  • WordPress 4.6+ testing
  • The text widget supports shortcodes
  • 80+ custom short codes
  • You can modify many elements such as background, text or menus.

Widgets custom

  • Storeup-Contact
  • Storage-recent posts
  • Storage-icon box
  • Storage-social
  • Storeup-location information
  • Business Hours Professional Edition
  • Holiday hours

Type of custom post

  • Place
  • Gallery
  • Slider
  • Testimonials

Color customization

  • Offer more than 700 Google fonts & themes
  • You can edit many elements in color combinations that are endless.
  • Background image-You have the option to upload a background photo for each section, rather than the background color used in the subtitle or body background.
  • If you are only changing a few spots, select the theme colour from the options panel to create your own style.

The theme currently offers 10 footer bar layout options, where you can either place default widgets or custom widgets.

Theme localization

This theme has internationalization and localization built in to its structure. It can be used in many languages. The theme has very little text, but you can change it in the theme options panel.

Update and Change Log

v5.5 – 2021-01-02
### Fixed
Since WP5.3, fixed jQuery deprecated function issue
Fixed Owl Carousel is now a deprecated issue
Display issue with Custom Google Map Mulitple Maps fixed
Fixed PHP7.4 Compatibility Issues With Storage Units
Fixed Store units LxB and Height conflict issue
Numerous responsive minor bugs fixed

### Added
Storeup Core Plugin now includes custom widgets
Swiper carousel was replaced by Owl Carousel
Added WP_body_open Core function

### Removed
The Owl Carousel files were deleted
Removed Business Hours Pro plugin 
Removing the Booking Meta Disabled option for editing fields in Booking Details

### Modified
Updated Storeup Core plugin to the latest version
Updated WP Bakery Page Building plugin to 6.5
For fresh installations, updated sample demo data

** Child Theme Files also Modified except version number in style.css

v5.0 – 2020-01-31
### Fixed
- missing vendor prefixes
Issue with the left sidebar float
Modified Header Style 1, 2, and 3 Box Shadow
Few responsive issues fixed
Single page background boxed style not displayed

### Added
Optional background color for content area
- Footer background color options
- Copyright Link hover Color option

### Removed
Deprecated social icons feature from the theme options
- Removed sociable icons color feature in theme options

### Modified
WPBakery Page Builder to Version 6.1
- Update Storeup Core plugin to version 3.0

v4.4.0 – 2019-01-02
### Fixed
Issue with logo loading from the theme options
- Resolving issues with mobile devices
Issue with GutenBerg's Page Editor

### Modified
Compatibility to the WP5.0+

### Modified
WP Bakery Page Building to the Latest Version
- Storeup core plugin upgraded to v2.9
- The initial demo installation file includes the placeholder images

v4.3.0 – 2018-07-29
### Modified
- Storeup core plugin updated to v2.8

### Added
- Updated UI for Units Sizes Details Entry
- 5 New Homepage designs added
- 3 Additional pages demos added

### Fixed
- Fixed an issue regarding the sorting of units on one location pages
- Google Map Zoom Fixed for Multiple Markers
Booking page: Fixed issue with Unit Sizes
- Issue fixed with Cart Page Payment Mode

v4.2.0 – 2018-06-28
### Added
Missing css property for the bypostauthor Css Rule
Additional permitted tags for code sanitization

### Removed
- Add_Meta_Box Non-design-related meta boxes
Meta-generator.php for non-design related meta boxes
- Moved custom meta folder and its contents to storeup core plugin
- Custom meta moved from theme to storeup core plugin
- Moved storeup-file-advance.js from theme to storeup-core plugin
Email-template: Title tag
- Unwanted Woocommerce Template Files

### Fixed
- Check your theme with the New Envato ThemeCheck requirment
- The menu styling is not working in the latest version
- No object error in the theme options
- Theme options have been updated with the description
Site breaking issues (Cannot use function return value within write context)
- The alt attribute is missing for the images
- Problem with the Envato Theme Check plug-in
- Argument missing in storeup.custom.js for the Owl Slider
- Sizing units for new units.

### Modified
- Updated the pot template using the new strings
- Changed wpmail to plugin
- Sanitize code global variable $_SERVER
Translation: Unwanted strings removed
- Storeup Core plugin updated to v2.7
- Visual Composer plugin updated to v5.5.2
- Replace missing sample data images by placeholder images

### Modified Child Code
- The parent stylesheet with wp_enqueue_style()Instead of @import
- Updated functions.php
- New style.css file
- Updated storeup-niche/index.php

v4.1.0 – 2018-05-24
### Added
Function to fetch Success template ID for booking
Function to fetch Cancel template ID for booking
Custom Unit sizes option  in template-booking.php,location-functions.php
Styling for <h4> in unitfeatures in storeup-style.css
You have the option to adjust the size (length or width)

### Fixed
Issue with activation of child theme
Issue with child theme not functioning in 4.1 version
Redirection to the location page is an issue after booking submission
jQuery Code Indentation and Sanitization

## Deleted
WAS strike in location-function.php
Older option to modify the unit names

v4.1 – 2018-05-14
### Fixed
Mailing not working with the most recent Release
Email theme options default placeholder text
Sanitization and indentation of jQuery code

v4.0 – 2018-05-11
### Fixed
Missing Textdomains
- Style for error pricing in storeup.css
- jQuery missing validation
- Options description corrected
- Header style 4, background color, and image with div wrap issue
Blog Page Slider Selection Issue
- Blog postpage Page ID fetching
- The static-slider prefix'storeup" is missing
- Captcha selection disabled by the user
- Fixed an issue with btn_link sample data xml
- Issued with the First Unit in the First Tab in Location Page
- Woocommerce Select Field Conflict with a Selected Wrapper
Email missing arguments

### Added
Option to add currency symbol to theme options
Option for allowed booking periods on the booking form and theme-options
- Code for Payment Mode
- Use more shortcodes in your email template
VoguePay Payment Gateway
Cash on Site Payment Method
- You can disable/enable Cash of Site Payment Mode
- The PayPal Payment Mode can be disabled/enabled.
VoguePay Payment Mode can be disabled/enabled by you
- The new interface for pricing and units editing
- HTML Formats now includes an email system

### Modified
- Sanitized code for storeup-front-script.js and removed unnecessary parameter
- Code Indentation for many php files
- Opacity to measure the area in bookings template
- Template-cart CSS moved from paypal to theme.
- Storeup theme has moved the email templates from paypal
Implementation of mail-in-cash transactions
Booking template - Sanitized code
- Problem for creating multiple orders
CSS for different booking statuses in post columns
- Code Indentation and Undefined Variables
- Unwanted PayPal parameters removed
- Changed Template names
- StoreupPaypal plugin to version 3.0
- StoreupCore plugin updated to v2.5
Storeup-VoguePay plugin v1.0
WPBakery Page Builder plugin v5.4.7

### Removed
- Additional parameters and sanitized code for cash transactions
- Ajax parameter in functions.php
- The city code can be found at booking-meta.php or template-booking.php
- The payee email in booking meta, template-success.php
- Thank You Page Selection from Theme Options
Sendmail()Unwanted and duplicate mail functions
- Theme options with Storeup Payment
- unwanted storeup-functions-code file
Storeup-niche - Unwanted Mapping.css

### Child Theme Modification
Style.css Version Number
- functions.php
- storeup-niche/index.php

v3.5 – 2018-04-10
- Select from the theme options page for bookings page
- Title: Links to location page maps
- Header Style 3: Fixed Header Option

Business Hours Pro to Version 5.5.0
WPBakery Page Builder to Version 5.4.7
- Storeup Core plugin updated to v2.3
- Woocommerce templates

v3.4 – 2018-02-20
### Fixed
- Google map issues and location meta
- Not editable Google map meta fields
- When the API is available, you can query google map script

### Child Theme Modification
- storeup-niche/index.php
Style.css version number changed

v3.3 – 2018-01-11
### Added
Bookings Post Type
Xlarge option available for the Storage Unit

### Modified
- WPBakery Page Builder Plugin - v5.4.5
- Storeup core to v2.2
- Storeup Paypal Plugin to v2.0
Business Hours Pro to Version 5.2
- Option to select the pricing name for units in the theme options
- Woocommerce updates to the latest version
Post Meta to search for price and location.

### Fixed
- Child theme bookings not showing?
Packages Issues with Units Display.
- Missing textdomain in string translations
- Code Indentation is required for storeup functions. 

v3.2 – 2017-09-07
### Added
- You have the option to modify the values of the small, medium and big units.
- Storeup unit text customization in options panel
- The bookings section of the bookings page has a new design.

### Modified
- WPBakery Page Builder Plugin for v 5.2.1
- Storeup core to v2.0
- Gmap not displaying.
Issue regarding the storeup booking price
- Problem with booking the units you want.
- Problem with Google Map Display with Multiple Enqueue Scripts

v3.1 – 2017-07-11
### Modified
- Business Hours Pro Plugin to v4.3.1
- WPBakery Page Builder Plugin v5.2
- Storeup Core Upgrade to v1.6.0

### Fixed
- Button Link attribute of callout shortcode
- Problem with the tabs shortcode flickering.
- Responsive Issue featuring header style 5.
Issue with the callout shortcode on iPad portrait mode
- Responsive Issue with Header Style 2 Widgets
- Responsive issue using Header style 4, displaying widgets.
- Problem with white space at the bottom of the static slider when it is active.
Mobile WebKit browsers in Mobiles: Select button issue
Issue with woocommerce shop layout in iPad Portrait.

v3.0 – 2017-06-19
### Added
Multi-text field to allow you to select the units that you want to change.
- The option to modify the "Storage Units Names"
Paypal Payment Gateway
- Size dimension names.
Woocommerce support.
UI Modified for Datepicker

### Fixed
- Frontpage ID for an undefined object issue
Conflict with jQuery timepicker user interface addon in Business Hours Pro

v2.7 – 2017-05-31

### Added
- Subject of admin email notification

### Modified
- Business hours plugin for v4.3.0

### Fixed
- Issue in wpmail functions notification
- Customer Email Header Nom field.
Issues with the missing price or units parameters in the mail

v2.6 – 2017-05-18
### Modified
- Changed the width of the inner content for the vertical left menu style.
- WPBakery Page Builder Plugin to v5.1.1

### Fixed
- Unauthorized string offset in skin.php error

v2.5 – 2017-03-18
### Added
- Vertical left header style.
Vertical Menu Footer Widget
Lightbox for gallery images
Page background option with additional properties

### Modified
- screneshot.png.
Gallery Post Type.
- WPBakery Page Builder Plugin - v5.1
Storeup-core plugin updated to v1.4.0

### Fixed
- Flex caption alignment
- Header style 4 responsive issues
- Header Style 5 Responsive Issues

v2.4 – 2017-02-2017
### Added
- Slider caption alignment option.

### Modified
- storeup core plugin.
- Business Hours Pro Plugin to v4.1.0

### Fixed
Header style dropdown menu: padding problem
- form redirection after booking submission.
After bookings are made, the form can be reset.

v2.3 – 2017-01-11
### Modified
- Sanitization of the subheader output.

### Fixed
Subheader Background Image and Color Issue
- Subheader background photo and color issue for header design 4.
Subheader background image for header style 5.

v2.2 – 2017-01-06
### Removed
- Unwanted opaque images
- Post type icons replaced by dashicons

### Fixed
Version Update to v1.1.0
- Incorrect names in comments about VC addons

v2.1 – 2017-01-04
### Modified
- Storeup Core Plug-in
- Resolve the VC Addon load problem

### Fixed
- Loads directory using trailing slash.
- The wrong comment notes were added to each file.

v2.0 – 2017-01-03
### Added
- One Click Demo Installer Plugin.
- Demo content for the new theme.xml
- New Widgets demo content .wie.
- storeup-core plugin.

### Modified
- Style color issues for the menu
- Style color theme color grouping
- Enqueue inline styling custom css.
- File POT for translation.
- Screenshots.

### Removed
- storeup-posttype plugin.
- storeup-vcaddons plugin.
- storeup-shortcodes plugin.

### Fixed
- Problem with the Google Map API key.

:warning: *Existing buyers kindly please deactivate and delete the following plugins before making an update. Then activate storeup-core.*
- storeup-posttypes.
- storeup-shortcodes.
- storeup-vcaddons.

v1.0 – Initial Release.
  • Notice: Images used in the live preview are for demonstration purposes only and can be purchased from Shutterstock or Pixabay. Live demonstrations are not permitted to use images. *


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