StreamTube - Video Streaming WordPress Theme

StreamTube – Video Streaming WordPress Theme

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demo user

  • Change role Andrew/1234
  • Autor role Amanda/1234
  • Role of subscriber: baron/1234


Do you want to share videos, create your own, and build an online video sharing site? StreamTube is available for your convenience.

StreamTube can be used for news, vlogs and reviews. Beautiful videos are possible with the clean design. You can use the built-in features of this website to make your site stand out and increase your traffic.

StreamTube is a powerful tool that can transform any WordPress site into a video website. It allows you to upload videos from all over the world and even convert your WordPress site to a professional site. The features of StreamTube make it great for any device, mobile or desktop.

StreamTube is a beautiful, business-focused WordPress theme that’s perfect for bloggers as well as online video educators and product marketers.

StreamTube has powerful Google Analytics reports. They provide daily, monthly, and Google search result statistics. This allows you to use analytics reports to make stunning video sites and understand the interactions of your viewers with your content.

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StreamTube - Video Streaming WordPress Theme - 2

StreamTube - Video Streaming WordPress Theme - 3

StreamTube - Video Streaming WordPress Theme - 4

StreamTube - Video Streaming WordPress Theme - 5

Do you need a WordPress plugin that encodes video? You have come to the right spot. We are proud to present an exclusive feature. StreamTube will use FFmpeg to encode and embed your Youtube video to HLS (HTTPLive Streaming). It is exactly how you embed Youtube videos onto your website.

StreamTube allows you to embed Youtube videos, Dailymotion videos, Vimeo videos, and any other website that supports oEmbed or Iframe codes.

Front-end users dashboard: This is your next feature that allows members to update their profiles, manage comments and manage posts without needing to log in to the WordPress backend.

You can find out more.

StreamTube - Video Streaming WordPress Theme - 6

function list

  1. Both boxed or full width layouts are available
  2. 8 pre-made homepages
  3. There are 3 single video templates
  4. Bootloader 5
  5. Video.js Player
    Video.js provides high quality video streaming to the web. This lightweight player uses HTML5 video tag and CSS3 transitions.
  6. Google Interactive Media Advertising (IMA)Yes. Allow ads to be displayed on video content. The built-in player of StreamTube allows you to enable this feature. Google Ads ManagerThis Google AdSenseAny network Ad Server VAST Compliant.
  7. Member list
  8. Responsive Design
    Beautifully designed and responsive
  9. Comment
    Built-in system for reviewing with infinite criteriademo)
  10. Embed video

    Youtube Videos and Other Video Sites like Vimeo and Dailymotion can be embedded easily

  11. Self-hosted video files supported

    Let your customers upload video files.

  12. Automated video thumbnails

    Video thumbnails automatically generated, supports Youtube, Vimeo, Self-hosted video files.

  13. Automatic video encoding

    FFmpeg can automatically encode video files in HLS format with FFmpeg

  14. video encryption
  15. Front-end Publishing
  16. Front-end User Dashboard

    Your users can manage and comment on their videos.

  17. custom avatar
    Users can upload their avatars
  18. Customize your profile photo
    Users can upload their profile photos
  19. Amazing user profile
  20. Concern for the user
    Users can follow one another.
  21. Post like
    You can easily get members to enjoy videos and help you manage their likes.
  22. AJAX Comments System
    StreamTube has an AJAX loading comments area, which makes it a unique WordPress theme that allows your viewers to leave comments while they watch videos.
  23. infinite loading
  24. Modes dark/light
    Easy to switch on light or dark mode.
  25. A striking slider
  26. Ready for RTL
    This website is designed with RTL language support.
  27. Elementor Page Builder

    StreamTube allows you to create the ideal page layout with Elementor, the most popular WordPress drag-and-drop plugin.

  28. Woocommerce is ready

    This page allows you to view and control orders, downloads, and addresses.

  29. bbPress has been launched
  30. Google Site Kit Reports

    Enable reporting for members dashboard.

  31. Restrictions on content

    This allows you to choose the users that can see video content.

  32. Credit is open

    Allows you to earn commissions and sell video content.

    • Purchase credit
    • Cash Credit
    • donate
    • Sell ​​Video Content
    • Extract
    • Commerce
  33. better news get ready
    Private messaging service that works in real-time
  34. Nextend Social Login and RegistrationCompatibility with plugins
  35. Translate ready
  36. Validation by W3C

    Web Content Accessibility Guidelines are determined by the W3C. This standard has been reviewed by us and we have verified its compliance.

  37. Clean code
  38. Consider including children’s themes
  39. One-click demo import

    Just one click is all it takes to import demo content. Just one click is all that’s required to install StreamTube and get your content up in no time.

  40. Update your theme in one click

    Auto-renewal with your purchase code and personal access token

  41. outstanding support

Sources and credit

The following files or open-source projects were used by us:

The following images were used on our demo website with the following licence:

Envato element

Are you a member paid for Envato Element? Download StreamTube here.


3/17/22 – Version 1.2.1

Fixed: Footer Social Images

3/9/22 – Version 1.2

WP Video Encoder 1.1.2 - Updated

3/6/22 – Version 1.1.9

Search Results Page, modified with tabs for post types.
Fixed: Player.
Minor CSS andJS fixes: bbPress. Social Login. Dark, light modes.
New: Nextend Social Login and Register plugin compatibility

3/4/22 – Version

Addition: Sharebox option - Full video permalink
Minor CSS andJS fixes

3/2/22 – Version 1.1.7

Added: Better Messages plugin compatible
Dashboard Inbox Page Added
New: Badges for Dashboard Menu Items
Added: Video Download option at Theme Options > Misc section.
Fixed: Inbox fields dark template.
Fixed: Video Length
Fixed: Theme Auto Update feature.
Updated: StreamTube Core 1.1
Updated: WP Users Follow 1.2
Minor CSS andJS fixes

21.21.22 – Version 1.1.2

Fixed: Video Embed issue
Google Ads Overlapping Fixed

2/18/22 – Version 1.1

Updated: StreamTube Core 1.1
Added: Dashboard Transactions page from myCRED
MyCRED: Donation
Added: myCRED: Buy Points element
MyCRED: Buy Video Content
OR operator.|OR operators.
Added: Player autoplay and mute options
For default WP video shortcodes and Gutenberg blocks, Auto Load Video.JS Player was added.
Addition: Watch an external HLS video.
Added: Socials to show footer icons.

WP Video Encoder version 1.1
HLS Encryption Option, which allows you to encode uploaded videos.
Added Site Health information, which allows you to debug your copy of FFmpeg.

Last Updated: Language File PO
Updated Documentation
Minor CSS andJS fixes

2/1/22 – Version 1.0.9

Updated: StreamTube Core 1.0.15
WP Video Encoder Version
Addition of 1920x1080 (HD 1088), 2560x1440(HD 1440), and 3840x2160 (HD 2160) resolution options.
New: The edit post slug field was added. It allows you to modify the post title from your frontend form.
Google Site Kit Reports has been fixed. It works quicker and more efficiently.
Minor CSS andJS fixes

1/26/22 – Version

Added: post views for blog posts.

January 22, 2022 – Version 1.0.8

Updated: StreamTube Core 1.0
WP Video encoder version
Updated: File in POT Language
Updated: Documentation
Addition: Site name and address of admin in email header.
Additional options added for the encoder
Fixed: Video Auto Publish feature
Fixed: Menu Item HTML tag.
Addition: After video is deleted, auto delete attachments.
Google Sitekit Reports: pageViews, videoViews tracked.
Optional disabling of User Dashboard or User Profile pages
Frontend Dashboard has been updated with options for editing comments.
Added: Views count in admin video table
Video views count towards frontend table
Fixed: Widget pagination
Fix: Minor CSS/JS issues.

December 27, 2021 – Version 1.0.7

Rest API v1 - Updated
WP Post 1.0.2 Updated
Last Updated: Follow WP User 1.0.3
WP Video Encoder 1.0.7 Updated
Updated: StreamTube Core 1.0.
Fixed pagination
- Fixed Upload User Avatar Orientation
- Fixed Vimeo thumbnail image.
Fix: Minor CSS/JS issues.

December 22, 2021 – Version 1.0.6

Fixed: Please comment for more background
Fixed: StreamTube Central: The dashboard now contains Woocommerce widgets
Fixed: Video length updated when you upload chunks.
Corrected: In Update, retrieve the incorrect theme slug
Fixed: User profile menu
Fixed: The Review plugin.
Additional: Upload Custom or Auto-Generate animation (web) image. Also, you can auto show animated images on hovering thumbnails.
Improvement: Create thumbnail images from self-hosted files and embed URL
Added: HLS Video quality selector
Playlist reloader added
Added: Players Skins: City Forest Fantasy Fantasy Sea
Updated: StreamTube Core 1.0
WP Video Encoder Version 1.0.6 Update: New options and features
WP Easy Review 1.4.1 Updated
Fix: Minor CSS/JS issues.

December 15, 2021 – Version 1.0.5

Woocommerce compatibility added. Members can now manage orders, downloads, and addresses directly from their dashboard, instead of using the Woocommerce default pages.
Added: BBpress compatibility
Addition: Drag and drop upload, large file upload
Added: Automatic update using personal access token and purchase code
Additional: Search selection for post types
Last Update: StreamTube Core Plugin 1.0.5
WP Video Encoder plugin version 1.0.4
Updated: The WP User Following plugin 1.0.2
Updated: WP Post Like plugin 1.0.1
WP Easy Review plugin version 1.4
Fix: Minor CSS/JS issues.

November 29, 2021 – Version 1.0.4

Fix: The backend can now auto-generate a video image.
Updated: StreamTube Core Plugin version 1.0.2

November 25, 2021 – Version 1.0.3

Google Interactive Media Ads was added. The player supports Google Ads pre-roll and mid-roll.
Recent Updates: Widget maze for the user dashboard page.
Fixed: Load external video URL.
Fixed: video embed responsive.

November 2, 2021 – Version 1.0.0

Original version


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