Vex - Creative Music Theme

Vex – Creative Music Theme

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Vex is a WordPress theme that combines creativity and innovation. This theme is for musicians and other creatives. Vex can be made with AJAX. Now you can ensure the music plays even when pages are viewed. Vex is a great choice if you are looking for minimalist music themes. Vex is an excellent choice for musicians, DJs and other music professionals.

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Sell ​​your music with the full Ajaxed Shop plugin

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Interactive background player

AJAXOr Asynchronous Javascript or XMLThis is a collection of technologies that are used to create web pages. Talk to the serverYou don’t need to refresh the page.

This makes it possible. It’s great to play music!Do you know what happens when you choose a track and click the link to go to a new page, and it stops playing? Vex is not the answer. You can choose your favourite song from any page, and it will play as the background.

Browse multiple pagesKeep it up! Background musicThis overlay acts as a play-back device, which allows users to pause and FFW. There is no need to reloadIt’s easy and fast to navigate page content on any device.

It fetches HTML from the server using ajax, and replaces the contents of the container elements on the page by the loaded HTML. It then uses pushState for updating the URL of the browser. Pages that load faster. It is not possible to re-execute or reapply page resources (JS and CSS).

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One-click demo import

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complete feature list

  • Drag and drop music playback with built-in music player Add self-hosted MP3s easily
  • This front-end page maker for WordPress is fast, simple and very easy to use. It will help you save a lot time managing your website content. You will now be able create complicated layouts in just minutes.
  • Three custom types of post with AJAX Sorting: Events, Music and Track Manager
  • You can create recurring or multi-day events using our event manager. They will be automatically moved from the future into the past in the event archive after they occur.
  • Great page loading speed right out of the box
  • Design and function that is unique to you
  • There is no need for coding skills
  • Mobile responsive design for your IOS and Android devices
  • You can create multiple layouts to fit your music item.
  • All event details on one page
  • Spotify, Soundcloud Mixcloud, Bandcamp and Mixcloud embed players are supported
  • Sidebars with multiple custom options
  • Ready for SEO
  • For more information, please contact us via the 7 integration form
  • Get ready for the kids theme
  • The demo content includes all images
  • Panel with powerful theme options
  • Drag and Drop to reorder sections
  • One-click demo content import
  • Background for custom pages
  • Social sharing
  • Ready for translation (po or mo files).
  • There are many other features available.

5 Star Ultimate Support

Vex WordPress Theme - Support

Rascals is a place where we Valuing our customersEven better, becoming one of these people will result in the same outcome Best Quality 5-Star Rating SupportIt is available to all who sign up for our community.

There is a solution that suits everyone. support CenterYou can create an account to access the ticketing system and send us your questions. From Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM (GMT+1),.

A custom service is available if something needs to be modified. contact us here.

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## [1.2.3] - 2021-07-02  
[Added]Support for WordPress 5.8
[Fixed] - CSS styles bugs.
[Fixed]Minor bugs
[Updated]- Toolkit plugin version 1.2.3

## [1.2.2] - 2021-05-02 
[Added]- Social icon/image custom made in socails
[Fixed]- Small insects
[Updated]Ajax Loader Updated for New Elementor Core Scripts
[Updated]- Toolkit plugin version 1.2.2

## [1.2.1] - 2021-03-19 
[Added]Predefined Homepages Support for Elementor   
[Fixed] - WooCommerce category/tag sorting.
[Fixed]- Total time of the music player
[Fixed]Facebook Share options
[Fixed]- Theme panel: Range field
[Updated]- Toolkit plugin version 1.2.1

## [1.2.0] - 2020-11-09  
[Added]- Complete Ajaxed WooCommerce support
[Fixed]- Small insects
[Updated]Demo content for WooCommerce products. Import file also is included in main theme package /Demo Content/woocommerce_products.csv.
[Updated] - AjaxLoader. WooCommerce now supported
[Updated]- Toolkit plugin version 1.2.0

## [1.1.1] - 2020-11-02 
[Added]WP Editor supports responsive embeds
[Fixed]Event Filters section.
[Fixed]- Section filters in albums
[Fixed]- Image height at lightbox height
[Fixed]Overflowing bug in Big Titles
[Fixed]- The button translation bug.
[Updated]- To 1.1.1, Toolkit plugin

## [1.1.0] - 2020-05-29
[Added]WPML Language Switcher for the theme footer (on left). It can be enabled in Theme Panel -> Customize -> Footer. 
[Added] - Audio Player - Elementor Module.
[Added]- Album Buttons, Elementor Module
[Added]Elementor Module Event Information
[Added] - Custom image preloader to Theme Panel -> General Settings. 
[Added] - Menu Background option to Theme Panel -> General Settings. Change background of menu layer with image
[Added] - Menu Numbers (vertical) option to Theme Panel -> General Settings. You can disable or enable small numbers of menu items.
[Added] - Menu Align (vertical) option to Theme Panel -> General Settings. Vertical menu alignment. 
[Fixed]When one track is not playing, the player will display an error message.
[Fixed]Parallax Template: Custom menu bug Select menu vanished from the list when page was refreshed.
[Fixed]Sidebar design
[Fixed]Glitch on mobile devices: Parallax, move layer effects glitch
[Fixed]WordPress Dashboard - Translation problem at the backend
[Fixed]Google Drive Link Generator in Tracks Manager
[Fixed]- For small bugs.
[Updated]Toolkit Framework. Toolkit is now divided into two sections: core and options. The core contains the main classes as well as template-independent functions. Options contains functions, classes and module that are specific to the selected theme.
[Updated]- Toolkit plugin version 1.1.0

## [1.0.0] - 2020-03-20
[]Initial Release


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