Videofly - Video Sharing & Portal Theme

Videofly – Video Sharing & Portal Theme

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These are the frontend commit functions for testing:

user: demo
pass: demouser

It is called a touch sizeThe renowned designer of premium themes, plugins It is known for being a top WordPress developer. The company strives to provide great functionality and aesthetics, as well as great settings and options. The company not only provides premium WordPress themes, but they also provide quality support to their customers. You should visit our site if you want to use premium WordPress themes.

Multiple layouts and homepages

Videofly, a modern and clean video WordPress theme allows you to easily add videos or let users create their own. If you are looking for the best WordPress theme to make a video site, you will find it here. Videofly will make it easy to start a podcast, a tutorial site, vlog or create other videos related content.

Boxed or unboxed layout

on-site support

Touch Layout Builder

Test the front end

Main Theme Features

Front-end submission

3 video input sources

any available source

Includes YouTube video importer

publicity manager


Image is better than advertising

text ad

Videofly - Video Sharing & Portal Theme - 1

custom widget

2 single video styles

Video custom post

sidebar options

Mega menu options

sticky video

sticky sidebar

Image lazy loading

Google Fonts Library

Streams and Corana sliders

Video playlist

sidebar menu

Image size options

Unlimited color options

auto update

custom post slug

Drag and drop layout builder

top product


custom post

WooCommerce ready

super menu

Responsive and Retina Ready

give an opinion

Contains demo data

other options

Submitting front-end

Our platform allows your customers to create their videos and upload MP4 video from embedded URLs or embed codes. Users can also upload MP4 videos using an intuitive interface that doesn’t require them to access your dashboard.

sticky sidebar

Your sidebar could contain important content. Content is everything. Advertisements can even become sticky, so that you get more clicks to the banner. This is easy.


You need to make money from your videos and not share them. Sometimes banners are not the best way to go. Videofly now offers users the ability to view your video pre-roll. Mobile devices aren’t yet ready to receive pre-roll ads.

Text on an ad

Are you really against pre-roll advertisements? You don’t like pre-roll ads? The best way to advertise on a video player is with text ads. It is simple, and the design looks amazing! Notable: The text on the ads is not compatible with mobile devices. These are not yet ready to use this feature.

Image overlay

You don’t like too many text ads or pre-roll advertisements. Image overlay ads are similar to on-player text ads. However, they contain an image and position it at the center of your video player. Videofly makes it easy to monetize. Not available for mobile devices: The image overlay ads feature is not yet ready.

Custom widget

TouchSize is well-known for its great widgets. We’re proud to offer these themes and all other widgets: Videos, Gallery, Portfolios and Favorites.

Two video styles in one

To ensure that you make the best use of this theme, we offer two different video styles. They both look fantastic, and have a flat and clean layout with perfectly balanced content. You can also add a sidebar!

Custom video post

Videofly allows you to create custom posts just like the other themes. Videos are distinct from standard posts. It makes it simple to sort your content by category and then use it in the way you want. It is possible to create a blog using the same installation.

Sidebar Options

Is this not impressive? You can use the left and right sidebars for both video or simple blog posts about a walk in the park.

Easy to use Ad Manager

A difficult or tedious ad manager that is both complicated to use and hard to understand? Videofly is the result of integrating a basic ad manager into core themes options. You can also set advertising restrictions through clicking and browsing. We ensure advertising information is displayed clearly. You don’t need an advertising network

There are unlimited layouts

Unlimited layouts. There are endless layouts. You have the option to make any changes with our builders. You can organize it according to your requirements. It uses the 12-column Twitter Bootstrap layout, making it easy to organize your content column by column. Each element can contain 2-12 columns. There are 5 types of listing posts. Each type has tons of options. It is easy. It’s not an additional plugin, it’s part of the theme’s core and super quick! All of it is very well designed and documentation.

Written by top writers

Our work is loved by people. Our themes and plugins are designed to assist them in keeping up with current technology. You, as the customer, will feel the satisfaction of having a great product.

And many others

Video playlist
sticky video
super menu
You can like or disapprove of the system
Display effect
Rear sliders for Boca and Nona
Fill out the Contact Form with Custom Fields
Only registered users can view video
Modal video opening
Imported YouTube video
Videos using oEmbed URLs. MP4 Uploads. Embed codes




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Version 1.1.1 – January 14, 2021
Notices Fixed for PHP7.4+
JS/layout builder issues in WP5.6 fixed
Minor repairs

Version 1.1.0, November 17, 2020
New jQuery Functions
Verification of a new license
- code optimization & improvements

Version 1.0.9, November 14, 2020
Optional fixed single-gallery masonry image sizes
Fixed notice to thumbs view
JS Error Fixed for Toggle Layout Builder

Version 1.0.8, November 13, 2020
- Minor fixes/spelling error fix

Version 1.0.7 – August 20, 2019
Notice: Fixed fields
- Additional theme activation
Fixed Layout Builder Savings to Work with the New WP Button
WordPress 5.2+ Modal Issue Resolved
Minor CSS fixes

Version 1.0.6, February 4, 2019,
- WP5.0+ Builder Issues Fixed
PHP 7 Widgets Updated
Updating WooCommerce Templates
- Updated demo content

Version 1.0.5 May 8, 2017
Fixed Player Issues
WooCommerce Updated
Fixed Google fonts
You can now automatically get images for YouTube
Fixed Contact Form
Minor CSS fixes

Version 1.0.4
Updated WooCommerce files
Buttons for fixed playlists
Date fixed for view in timeline
Fixed video player size issues
You can also disable YouTube-related posts
You have the option of changing your terms and condition.

Version 1.0.2
Modal Fixed for Facebook
Fixed Sharing Description
- Fixed gallery lazy loading issue
Issue on comments space
Fix infinite scroll, load more to view large posts
Only: Fixed preloader on the frontpage
Fixed featured area Modal view
- Fixed Big posts carousel & pagination issue
Videoplayer Fixes and Mobile Issues
Fixed WooCommerce Files
Fix playlist creation issue
- Fixed edit page link
- Fixed mobile menu
BuddyPress and local redirects have been fixed
- Fixed WP 4.5 Text Element Issue
- Update Notification for Theme

Version 1.0.1

Fixed errors from search page and author
YouTube has fixed its import pagination
Fixed pagination CSS is clear for archive pages
- fixed login error text
Fixed Video Modal with Load More
Fixed upload by user with embeds
Product listing fixed
- fixed facebook meta
- fixed YouTube importer key
Modal styles updated on Facebook
- fixed like generation option
Please enter
PHP 5.6+
- memory_limit 96MB
- upload_max_filesize 16MB
- max_execution_time 60
- post_max_size 16MB
WordPress 4.5


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