Vozx-Multi-purpose and active WordPress theme

Vozx-Multi-purpose and active WordPress theme

Buy Vozx – Multipurpose & Event WordPress Theme best used for wordpress/corporate/business and agency,animated,business,corporate,drag,drag and drop,enterprise,event,multipurpose,page builder,parallax,revolution,timeline,video background


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SoundIt is a multipurpose theme that can be used on any website, corporate, creative, or multi-page site. It is compatible with mobile devices and optimized for SEO. This theme looks great on Android, iOS, and other smartphones and performs well in search engines. You will find many powerful features such as megamenu, multiple blog designs (including timeline unlimited blogs), large portfolio layouts and designs and sticky titles. Revolution Slider, WPML multilingual, translation-ready, and WPML multilingual. Almost unlimited creations Use our visual page builder – The Creator for page layout, which allows you to create pages without any coding knowledge, just drag and drop the interface and choose from multiple page templates, such as wide/complete/box Installation layout template. You can also add video or parallax effects to any part. WooCommerce and iThemes Exchange are fully supported ecommerce plugins. You can customize the child theme without affecting the original theme.

Vozx supports the following e-commerce plug ins and add-ons

  • iThemes Exchange – Simple WP ecommerce
    • Basic report dashboard widget plugin
    • Plugin for billing address
    • Digital download plugin
    • Duplicate product add on
    • Plugin for guest checkout
    • Coupon Add-on
    • Add-on for multi-item shopping cart
    • Offline payment plugin
    • WordPress page template plugin
    • PayPal Standard-Basic add ons
    • Other physical products
    • Simple product add-ons
    • Simple shipping add-on
    • Add-on to switch product type
    • Simple tax surcharge
    • Plugin for Product Category
    • Product tag plugin
  • WooCommerce
    • WooCommerce Grid/List Switching Plugin
    • YITH Woocommerce comparison plugin
    • YITH WooCommerce Wishlist plugin

SoundIt’s a modern WordPress theme, which looks great on any size screen.

It is built with the most recent technologies, such as HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery. SEO will be a factor in helping you master Google search.

Vozx offers many options. Vozx offers many options for changing the look and feeling of your site. You also have many drag and drop shortcodes available to modify the layout and add different elements. You can choose any color scheme that you like from over 2000 icons.

This feature is available

Shortcode/Drag & Drop Elements

  • accordion-Sliding animation and plus/minus sign change when expanding or collapsing
  • Alert box – 4 styles – information, warning, error and success, each style has an icon and close button; animation is off
  • Animation box – Using animated shortcodes, you can animate any content, including other shortcodes! You can use your imagination with dozens of effects and options! You have complete control over them!
  • Liste – AB-Shortcodes uses a very clever system for columns. You can choose how many columns you want to use for your content. The page is composed of 12 columns. This allows you complete control of your content.
  • Divider – Use dividers to visually separate content.Each can have “Go to Top” text and/or icon, so when you click on it, it will slide to the top of the page
  • Code – If you need to display the source code here, this is the short code; it highlights the syntax and displays your code in the best way, with line numbers
  • Before and after birth – If you like to print HTML code or some short code codes, you can use this short code, so it is displayed in a pre-formatted or inline manner without executing the code
  • Statisticians count-Show off your success by using this shortcode to show visitors your statistics immediately
  • Text style – Everything you need for inline text shortcodes, from titles, highlighted text, abbreviations and tooltips to drop caps and date shortcodes
  • 2000+ font icons – Resize them, change their color, rotate them or put them in a box – Font icons allow you to perform all operations without loss of quality.Plugins include more than 2000 font icons in a wide range of categories-business, communication, computer and mobile, design and writing, development, entertainment, food, hosting, menus, miscellaneous, multimedia, sports and games, symbols, time and location
  • Map – Easily display Google Maps anywhere you like, just place the map link in the shortcode to embed the map
  • Member exclusive content-Hide the content of nonregistered users, encourage them register and give them additional value
  • Gasket-Add space to any height in pixels. This shortcode gives you more control
  • Wrapper for tables – Minimal table style with hover and/or striped rows
  • QR code – Let your users choose to scan the QR code on the screen to open the page on their mobile device or download your contact data meCard
  • Progress bar-The animation skill/progress bar counts towards the target value
  • Price box – Make a modern pricing table, show your customers your pricing package, and attract them to the most desired pricing table with special options.Each table can have an unlimited number of functions
  • Quote-A brief excerpt or quote from the content that floats to the left and right to draw attention to the key content.
  • Block quote – Small quotes or excerpts can be used as recommendations or to draw attention to important things in the content
  • Service box-Showcase your services using icons and small excerpts
  • Label – Place the label on any side of the content, up and down, left or right – The label has a unique sliding animation
  • Knob-Animation progress/skills knob counts towards the target value
  • Players -People are your greatest value, don’t hide them!Show your team members with a modern overlay of social icons that hover over and link to team members’ social profiles or email addresses
  • Change-Hide large blocks of content with a click switch. This will not affect the website’s visual appearance. Slider animation and plus/minus signs can be used to change the size of the site when it expands or collapses.
  • tooltip-Beautiful tooltips that appear when you hover over the mouse may replace the browser’s standard prompts
  • Animation listFun addition to the boring bulletlist with icon bullets and entrance animation
  • Display content hidden on the device – If you have content that is not suitable for mobile devices or the best-looking content on a tablet, you can easily hide or show it by simply wrapping it in this shortcode
  • YouTube and VimeoYou can embed responsive videos from YouTube and Vimeo easily and you can control all options, such as autoplay loop and hide controls.
  • PayPal button – Easily set PayPal one-time payment or donation button
  • Force download button-Allows to force download rather than opening the file in the browser
  • Email linkUse this shortcode to print out your email. Spam Spiders will not be able to see it
  • Other shortcodesSitemap, RSS, Children’s Page… and many more

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