Waveme - Music Platform WordPress Theme

Waveme – Music Platform WordPress Theme

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Waveme, a WordPress music theme, has many features that allow you to create professional music websites. It targets audio publishers and DJs. An audio social network for music fans.

You can create any kind of loop content using the block editor page builder and loop plugin

You can loop through pages, users, and categories, and then sort it using custom templates or many filters.

You can use the Play Block plugin to create singles, playlists or album music on any post

Play Block makes it simple to make audio, music, or radio stations. You can use a front-end upload page to allow users to upload stations.

Front-end submissions. User library.

You can upload media streams to the front-end and take waveform data from users. Create playlists or albums.

Both light and dark themes available with fully customisable features.

Dark and light themes in primary colors. Drag and Drop to modify menus, and other options to personalize the website.




  • Improvements to loop/playblock plugin ajax. Moved to REST API speed for more efficiency.
  • Change embedded iframe text colour in dark mode
  • Fix admin Search


  • Improved player for removing mute from ios.
  • Reconnect live after pause/play
  • Add ajax to the notification link
  • Upload form: Increase duration
  • Improve menu styling on mobile devices


  • Add range filter on loop block
  • Ajax Pull Notification and Add New Dot Icon to the New Notification
  • Upload upload file to upload form
  • Post list to user profile page


  • Notification
  • Add custom sql support to the loop block plugin
  • Filter with improved loop block
  • Enhance user profiles


  • Add multi-class filter on loop block
  • One-click playback, improve video quality on iOS
  • Play video fullscreen with iosNative iOS
  • Update artwork for Azuracast
  • Actions of Merge David


  • Increase EDD
  • Improve loop query
  • Option to disallow uploading of online streams
  • Add list to embed
  • Small screens: Improve video quality
  • Improve duration input
  • Import soundcloud and heartthis data
  • Add support to import youtube title/description/duration/artwork
  • AzuraCast server support for play and playback updates
  • You can incorporate filters and actions taken from David.


  • Support EDD with additional support
  • Tag albums
  • Download link: Add login modal
  • Shortcodes to improve wp_register_form, wp_login_form, and wp_lostpassword_form
  • Fix login mode


  • Share mode with embedded functionality
  • Use transitions in your content
  • Add find_in_set in loop block meta comparison
  • Playlist/Album duration can be increased
  • Add the “Featured” option to a site
  • Option to add ad interval
  • Copyright added to frontend upload form
  • Form for improvement suggestions
  • Fixes on the login page
  • David security fix.


  • Get Woocommerce support
  • Menu items can be made without ajax
  • No player added to spec page


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