Wpcast - Audio Podcast WordPress Theme

Wpcast – Audio Podcast WordPress Theme

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WpCast is the fastest and most professional way to create an audio podcast website in WordPress, with an uninterrupted music player and integration with Apple Podcasts (formerly iTunes Podcasts) and Google Podcasts. It is also compatible with Libsyn, and Blubrry.

Update 1.3: Added new demo, added QT Places plugin, updated plugin installation process.
Update 1.2: Added Podcast timestamp feature

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Wpcast is a fresh and fast WordPress theme that makes it easy to create your responsive podcast website and doesn’t require any programming skills. Wpcast is very flexible and allows extensive customization including fonts, colors, logos and designs. Using this theme’s podcast publishing experience is a breeze and only takes seconds. You can arrange podcasts by series, author, or topic, and each archive will generate a valid podcast RSS feed, useful to every feed subscriber and reader, as well as external aggregators like Apple Podcasts or Google Podcasts.

Wpcast is also compatible with the most popular plugins such as Seriously Simple Podcast and PowerPress, making it easier for you to manage and produce the details of your podcast releases, and allowing you to import your episodes from pre-existing archives like Libsyn or Blubrry. You can host mp3 files on external platforms or the same WordPress media library.

This theme includes extra features that extend the basic WordPress functionality, turning your website into the perfect podcasting platform.

The easiest publishing experience ever!

Set the title, drag and drop the mp3 into the page, and click Publish. Creating a new podcast with Wpcast takes 5 seconds!And the theme is compatible with Gutenberg audio blocks, classic audio shortcodes and other standard audio embedding systems, so It will also recognize pre-existing content from your previous podcast wordpress site, providing retro compatibility for older content.

non stop music

Includes an Ajax navigation plug-in to create smooth page transitions without interrupting audio reproduction.

Includes the new state-of-the-art QantumThemes music player with playlists, time search, volume control and an app-like mobile experience. This new player is the de facto industry standard for network audio listening, tested and working on every modern desktop or mobile device.


Fully manage audio playlists, preload archived podcasts by ID or number, or manually add any track to the player for a deep and enjoyable user experience.

Social interactions, ratings, and more

With the bundled ReAktions plugin, the theme has tons of engaging features like social sharing, likes, views, and ratings.

Senior Author Details

Each author can have social icons, biographies and custom images via the direct image uploader.

Front-end + back-end visual editing

If you don’t like Gutenberg, we use WPBakery’s bundled plugin, Page Builder, to provide a faster and easier page creation experience. Create pages from scratch, even with a front-end editor!

17 Additional Page Builder Shortcodes

Podcast grid, playable sliders, lists, share links, social icons, buttons and more! This theme adds tons of shortcodes to Page Builder, giving you easy access to any complex (or simple) page structure you want.

Gutenberg compatible

Do you like Gutenberg? Our shortcodes are also available as blocks under the Wpcast Theme Blocks section of Gutenberg. The theme also adds full support for Gutenberg galleries, quotes, audio blocks and everything else, with full and wide alignment too!

4 blog archives

Choose from 4 different post design options: Cards, Horizontal Cards, Wide Cards, and the Classic Large Post List. You have plenty of room to make any style of podcasting site you like!

sidebar options

You can enable or disable the sidebar for posts with one click, and change the design of individual posts, bypassing global options.

call to action

Achieve your goals faster with customizable call-to-action buttons in headers. You can make text, icon links and lessons! Automatically add a subscribe button to draw attention to your updates.

Off-canvas menus and sidebars

Add extra content using optional off-canvas space, allowing for extra menu positions and sidebar widget slots.

custom widget

This theme comes with custom Wpcast Widgets plugin that adds 2 custom widgets: Cards and List Archives. This widget can extract posts by the classic date parameter, but also by views and likes. Use the Wpcast widget to keep notable content on the edge.


Developed with performance in mind, the speed and weight of this theme is very good, you can easily reach top performance, improve SEO and user experience.

Podcast card with embedded player

Goodbye boring files! Wpcast provides a built-in interactive player for every post in the archive: listen to the podcast directly from the archive, add it to a playlist or share it with your friends! Full multimedia and social interactions are at your fingertips for the most interactive and engaging experience.

Series card with list of playable episodes

The QT series taxonomy not only provides a working Apple Podcast/Google Podcast RSS feed, but also a super usable front-end experience: the series card (world premiere of this feature) can directly display the latest episodes in the series archive, including playable links and Episode link, subscribe button and intro description. This feature actually represents the cutting edge of the podcasting web interface, and you won’t find it anywhere else!

Wpcast is great for single-player podcasts, multi-authors, multi-topics, multi-podcasts, or any other structure you want to do. We provide out-of-the-box built-in subscription links for every podcast archive, allowing any user to subscribe and receive your new episodes at breakneck speed.

One-click demo installer

Our simplified setup process replicates the same website you see in the demo with just one click, including pictures and audio. A fully functional replica of what you see, ready to start building right away.

Parallax title

One-click activation for beautifully smooth parallax effects on every post and page title!

Mail Chimpanzee

Wpcast is compatible with the popular MailChimo newsletter platform and the official Mailchimp WordPress plugin to add your subscription form in a simple and hassle-free way.

Contact Form 7

Fully compatible with the most popular WordPress contact form plugin Contact Form 7, free and bundled with the theme!

donation plugin

Donating is one of the fastest and best ways to monetize your podcast. And “Give” is the most popular plugin you can look for! Add donation forms anywhere, set goals, send money via paypal, bank transfer or more.

PowerPress + Very Simple Podcast

Wpcast is compatible with the most popular podcast plugins of your choice. Our documentation provides additional information on theme-specific settings and optimal configurations for the perfect website. Using SSP and Powerpress, you can easily import existing episodes from other providers like Libsyn, or Blubrry, and make custom feeds with your own details for republishing on external platforms.

A valid Apple Podcast and Google Podcast feed

Publish your podcast feeds on Google Podcasts or Apple Podcasts without additional plugins, the theme will provide you with ready-made xml RSS feeds. You can choose to use SSP or PowerPress to better craft the look of your feed for 3rd party forwarding.

lots of customization

Customize logos, fonts, colors, players, footers, and more.With live preview, you can change the look of your website very easily

direct support

No 3rd party services here, no copy and paste answers, direct support from theme developers, Monday-Friday, 9-18 (CET).

well documented

Clear and detailed documentation with screenshots, in PDF or web format, guides you from your first steps with WordPress to the final site of your dreams. If something is unclear, support is always here!

fully translatable

Our themes and custom plugins have an up-to-date .pot file that allows free and fast translation into any language in the most standard WordPress way.

Offers children themes

If you plan to apply customizations, theme overrides or custom js/css versions, using Wpcast is easy! Just use the provided subtheme and the update won’t delete your changes!

pre-order question

For any pre-sale questions please contact us on our website

1.4.6 [2022 january 03]
[x] UPDATED PLUGIN Page Builder

1.4.5 [2021 June 28]
[x] Updated theme core plugin
[x] Scroll playlist fix

1.4.4 [2021 April 16]
[x] UPDATED author-date.php added link to author archive
Author's page link
Can’t click on author’s name
Author box profile link showing
[x] FIXED episodes number and list in Series Cards template-parts/serie/episodes.php template-parts/serie/serie-card.php [x] UPDATED PLUGIN WPBakery page Builder 1.4.3 [2020 DECEMBER 09] [X] removed easy swipebox deom required plugins [x] Force disable plugin Easy swipebox in inc/tgm-plugin-activation/conf.php [x] Added qt Swipebox plugin in replacement to easy swipebox [x] js/qt-main.js added swipebox reinit after ajax 1.4.0 [2020 SEPTEMBER 19] [x] ADMIN: Now plugin updates are not dismissable anymore, because of users disabling the message and complaining for having outdated plugins [x] TGMPA Dismiss link removed 'dismiss' => $this->dismissable [x] TGM REMOVED LINE 1111 class-tgmpa-plugin-activation.php // || get_user_meta( get_current_user_id(), 'tgmpa_dismissed_notice_' . $this->id, true ) [x] UPDATED PLUGIN Envato Market [x] UPDATED PLUGIN WPBakery page Builder [2020 AUGUST 12] [X] Theme core plugin update for wp 5.5 1.3.9 [2020 June 09] [x] UPDATED Player to fix iOS issue [x] UPDATED WPBakry Page Builder 1.3.8 [2020 April 16] [x] FIX Javascript bug on search button from Chrome 82 1.3.7 [2020 April 13] [x] QT Music Player plugin update [x] QT Places plugin update > Metaboxes update [x] TTG Core plugin update 1.3.6 [2020 March 16] [x] Icons vertical align middle to fix alignment on Firefox 1.3.5 [2020 March 01] [x] Updated QTM Player Plugin [x] Updated WPBakery Page Builder 1.3.4 [2019 December 04] [x] Updated QTM Player Plugin [x] Updated compatibility for wp 5.3 1.3.3 [2019 October 21] [x] Updated QTM Player Plugin [x] Updated WPBakery Page Builder 1.3.2 [2019 October 11] [x] FIXED typo in meta-archive.php [x] ADDED autofocus on search [x] IMPROVED colors in search field [x] ADDED custom feed link in customizer > podcasts [x] ADDED option to hide the Subscribe button in customizer 1.3.1 [2019 August 01] [x] Fixed seried grid small exclude parameters 1.3.0 [2019 July 09] [x] Fixed XS spacing size [x] ADDED custom quantity in Series Small shortcode [x] ADDED QT Places plugin [x] ADDED Demo Travel [x] UPDATED TGM Connector to 3.0.2 [x] UPDATED Ajax Page Load 1.2.0 [2019 June 18] [x] UPDATED tgm plugin activation > added exclusion fetching conditions [x] UPDATED Page Builder plugin [x] ADDED: podcast tracklists [x] PLAYER: updated minor scripts [x] ADDED compatibility with the QT Places plugin 1.1.3 [2019 May 23] [*] update player to 1.0.5 [*] update Page Builder to 6.0.2 [*] Added linkedin social [*] WP5.2 compatible 1.1.4 [2019 June 02] [*] Updated QTmusicPlayer - fixed double track preload 1.1.3 [2019 May 23] [*] update player to 1.0.5 [*] update Page Builder to 6.0.2 [*] Added linkedin social 1.1.1 [2019 Mar 05] [x] sidebar fix in template-parts/single/single-sidebar.php [x] CSS selector fix in customizations.php [x] PHP function replaced in comments-pingback.php 1.0.9 [2019 Feb 23] [x] PHP errors fix ( ) [x] Pages pagination [x] Comments enabled by default in page [x] Escaping improvement

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