Y THEME-Flexibility and productivity framework

Y THEME-Flexibility and productivity framework

Buy Y THEME – Flexibility And Productivity Framework best used for wordpress/corporate and blog,builder,business,clean,composer,corporate,creative,flexible,framework,modern,multipurpose,portfolio,professional,x


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Y WordPress Theme-Overview

The combination of unique features makes this theme the most flexible, productivity-oriented and easy-to-use theme ever. It will make it easier to create websites that are more efficient and include unprecedented features. This topic has been thoroughly researched to improve productivity, flexibility, simplicity and efficiency. This is due innovative themes and unique features not found in other themes.

Exclusive features only available for Y

Power supply custom
You can add almost any feature to your website with more than 1000 options and 70 advanced components. You can create custom functions quickly using the HTML version.

Demos and skins
5 skins, 21 websites complete and custom design support. You can import the demo in one click. The import presentation will look exactly the same as the original, but the presentation image is replaced by a placeholder. We will continue to provide demos in the coming months.

Mixed composer
Combining the power and flexibility of code development with the simplicity and ease of a visual editor, you can combine the two. The hybrid editor enhances all features of the page builder and adds powerful news. The concept of modularity at low levels.

Type of List-Post
All themes that use folio posts only have the default options. Y lets you create any type of post you like with all the features and content you need. It’s easy and takes only a few seconds.

The most valuable commodity in this industry is time. A website that is built quickly can save money. This was a difficult task, but the end result was well worth it. You can build your website much quicker than with other themes.

It is still not easy to use the website as it stands, just like your customers. Y is the dividing line between the management and development phases. The lock mode function blocks the page, allowing users to only edit text or images.

The performance was tested with shared hosting costs of $50year. We found that the server-side loading behaves like a WordPress installation. Only the CSS and JS files are loaded by the client. The average page is approximately 200% smaller than pages created with other themes like X Theme.

Unique 2X document
Inspiration from Bootstrap. The most comprehensive and complex document. Framework Y HTML documents can be used for customization and real-time preview. WordPress documents can be created using WordPress.

Additional features

These functions are just a fraction of the many functions offered by Y. The custom function is quite impressive.

  • Partial layout (full width or boxed).
  • Content layout (no sidebars, left sidebars, right sidebars, or two sidebars).
  • Template for background image
  • Background slider template
  • Background video template
  • Template for full page
  • Double-sided template
  • One page website
  • There are so many choices
  • Title position (static top or fixed top, fixed right)
  • Enable or disable navigation bar search, social icons, WPML menus, etc.
  • Upload logo, secondary logo, website symbol
  • Title Custom Content
  • The top bar can be enabled or disabled
  • Content or the top bar of secondary navigation, WPML Menu, and social icons can be customized
  • Types of 3 footers
  • Bottom footer content (accepts HTML input).
  • To customize blog pages, use Composer
  • Custom blog layout
  • Styles for custom files
  • Modified file layout
  • Excerpts, featured images and 2 extra values ​​for each post type
  • Custom URL slug for your portfolio items
  • Auto crop image
  • Custom portfolio page
  • Custom combination project
  • 100% response
  • Custom.js activation
  • Custom.css activation
  • activation of custom.php
  • Support for child themes
  • WPML compatible and fully integrated
  • List-Post Type Engine
  • 4 custom colors
  • Custom CSS
  • Custom JS
  • There are more than 100 choices
  • 12 menus
  • Side menu
  • Side dishes from the classics
  • Horizontal drop-down menu
  • Hamburger button
  • Each menu has a transparent style
  • Super menu
  • Native WordPress menu management available for all menu types as well as large menus that include tabs
  • Tabbed Super Menu
  • Super menu in full width or boxed
  • Full-page website
  • Horizontal full-page website
  • Icon, dotted line, text full-page menu
  • Client performance: average 140KB JS+CSS
  • Server-side performance: instantaneous
  • Font amazing icons
  • Includes Revolution Slider
  • Comment Support
  • Support for classification
  • Search
  • WP pagination, HTML pagination. HTML To Load More Content for All Post Types
  • Frame Y, full HTML version
  • 3 widgets: Recent post type, Category, Search


These components are very different to the poor and common components in other page builders like Visual Composer. They use an advanced layout and usage and offer a wide range of options. Many of them are unique and only applicable to Y.

  • H1-H6: Heading
  • Subtitle
  • Text block
  • text editor
  • WordPress editor
  • Button
  • Picture
  • Picture frame
  • Advanced image frame
  • Box with content
  • Blog box
  • Testimonial box
  • Box for team
  • Pricing table
  • Action is required
  • Icon list
  • Simple icon list
  • Text list
  • Icon link
  • Icon box
  • Contra
  • Reciprocal
  • Progress bar
  • Circular progress bar
  • Timeline
  • Google Map
  • Social feed
  • Social sharing buttons
  • Get a Quote
  • Space
  • Divider
  • Table
  • Menu internal
  • Contact list
  • Video
  • Grid table
  • Scroll box
  • Slider and Image Slider
  • Coverflow and Image Coverflow
  • Label
  • Collapse
  • accordion
  • Pop-up windows
  • Grid list
  • Masonry list
  • Album
  • Background icon box
  • Fixed area
  • Grid List-List Type-Post Type
  • Masonry Checklist-Checklist-Post Type
  • Type Slider-List-Post
  • Type of Coverflow-List Post
  • Type Category Menu-List – Post
  • Tag Cloud-List-Post Type
  • Post Information-List-Post Type
  • Type Navigation-List – Post

Search Engine Optimization (SEO).Many people boast about search engine optimization. There is data to back it up.

Translation ready – X is ready for translation and integrates the WPML menu locally in the Y title.

There are infinite shapes – Trust us: Y WordPress theme can realize almost any layout or design you can think of. We believe this strongly. We have 21 demo sites that show the real potential of Y. This is just our team.

Multi-site testing– Y has been tested in numerous multi-site setups (all our demos use a single multi-site installation).

Compatible with Child theme – Y is compatible with sub-themes, and all Y packages contain sub-theme folders.

Cross browser compatibility – Y WordPress theme will not leave any browser! (Google Chrome-Firefox-Safari-Opera-Internet Explorer 9+).

Change log

v 1.4.7
Security bug fix.

v 1.4.2
Design Update: New UI design, admin, and page builder
Update to feature: Page Lightbox and Page Popup have been removed. Now available separately
Feature update: Users need to change the keys in the options panel to activate the new Twitter stream plugin
A new feature: Full area links to content box components 
New feature: Manual demo importing option
New feature: Background icon removed
Bug fixes: Fix various bugs in the front-end as well as the back-end
Bug fix: Animation for List – Post Type Box Types: Side icon and Top icon

v 1.4.1
Update: The masonry menu will now automatically remove empty categories and assign categories to all items
Social sharing button is a bug fix
Bug fix: WordPress pagination next and prior buttons
Bug fix: Contact form subject and sending

A new feature: Copy and paste components on-the-fly
Contact form now uses wp_email. This feature is compatible with WP MailSMTP By WordPress
New feature: Search show featured image for pages, posts, and woocommerce products. The image can also be hidden on a single page by selecting theme options
Two blocks section boxed layout is a new feature
New feature: icon boxes left layout
New feature: Tab titles with description text
New feature: Tab Size for Vertical Menu
New feature: admin layout now with auto columns for sliders components
New feature: outer menu position for masonry
New feature: new text list component style
Update to Feature: Administrator images are now displayed correctly 
Bug fix: Logo retina on the middle menu and top menu
Bug fix: transparent logo version of the middle logo menu
Minor bugs fixed for various components

A new feature: Custom theme options for single page or post
Image coverflow container has 5 new features
FullPage anchor menu link new feature
New style: Text lists now have a new look
New feature: new extra content for content box component
A new feature: The bleed option for parallax titles
New feature: Post type boxes title sizes
New feature: Woocommerce menu cart
Woocommerce now supports breadcrumbs
New feature: You can now contact us using the button below
Bug fix: Many minor bugs have been fixed

Breadcrumbs are a new component
Steps - A new component
A new feature: Button style available for the image box, contentbox and Lists components
A new feature: Titles can be white
Smooth scroll: A new feature
New option: Lists components now available in new features
Slider components now have new features
New feature: Border style buttons
Scroll to the top for a new feature
Breadcrumbs in the titles: New feature
New feature: The composer now has access to the css class list
A new feature: A better layout for the composer
Bug fix: Many minor bugs have been fixed

Theme Y-Flexibility and Productivity Framework-7


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